Mr. Whiskers
is a proud member
of Stephen Colbert's family!

Stephen Colbert's cat, which died of a blunt trauma to the back of the head.


This is possibly Mr. Whiskers, or not


Notorious Mafia enforcers Mr. Jingles and Mr. Spats, prime suspects in the brutal murder of Mr. Whiskers.

  • Mr. Whiskers was a great cat and will always be remembered as Mr. Whiskers...
  • Mr. Whiskers, photograph confirmation established 12/18/2006 by Gloria Wczyniki, Sr. Recorder, Feline Registry, Chapter 5, NC.
  • Mr. Whiskers was an ALL American Domestic Shorthair.
  • Mr. Whiskers also apparently filled out his 2007 NCAA Tournament bracket predictions well in advance of his death, as of 3-22-2007, he was placed higher than Stephen Colbert in the office pool. To be able to fill out a bracket months in advance of the tournament's field being chosen, and to get many more games correct than Our Glorious Stephen suggests that Mr. Whiskers had some manner of clairvoyant ability. Perhaps with this ability, he should have seen his own death coming, but oh well, there it is.

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Noahs ark small and stephen

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