Rupert tom

Rupert is the default first friend of everyone on

MySpace is a social network on the Internets helping to bring the American dream and everyone's crappy band to the world. Emo kids, Furries, Stalkers, Experts, and highly respected columnists are all instantly accepting friendship in The Myspace. It's owned and operated by News Corp., known for its fair and balanced excellence in Fox News.

To determine whether or not someone is raptured in the phantom zone that is Myspace, you need only look them up. Whether she be an ex-girlfriend, a potential victim, a thinly disguised prostitute, or Al-Queda, chances are that you'll find her on myspace. Myspace has never geared it's marketing toward pedophiles and officially resents the remark.

If you ever see someone from Myspace, guaranteeing that the son of Jor-El will kneel before them is a good way to become an it-getter.

The Colbert Nation has been interviewing prospective panel members to e-combat Myspace and its smiling dictator, Tom. When large enough, this amalgamation of heroes will invade the Internets tubes in order to flush out any Myspacers and Teenage Mutant Facebook Enthusiasts that reside there. Having overthrown Myspace, a disheveled and pungent Tom will be pulled from a secret hole in the ground and put on trial. A new ant/social network will be established called ColbertSpace, everyone's default frenemy will be Stephen Colbert.


Firmly wedged in the bossom of News Corporation, The MySpace has been innovating the hell out of the internets now with news!

has its own tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!
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