Common Network Name National Broadcasting Company
Slogan Proud as a Peacock
Transmission TV Broadcast
Year Founded 1926 (radio) 1941 (TV)
Corporate Owner News Corporation
C.E.O. Bob Wright
Types of Programs (general)
Sister Networks CNBC
Most Popular Programs Saturday Night Live, Deal or No Deal
Most Popular Celebrities Howie Mandel

NBC is an American television network. It was founded as a radio network by RCA which created it to be the sole network of the United States. General Sarnoff, then head of NBC, divided his network into the Blue and Red network. The Blue network was for Christian based great American programming. The Red was required by 1930's equal access requirements and was devoted to unamerican programming. The Red network was sold to ABC who continued in that tradition.

RCA invented television in the 1930's and began officially broadcasting NBC on TV in the 1940's. In the 1950's RCA would go on to invent color television, which made parades watchable on TV.

In the 1970's a military coup led to the removal of General Sarnoff as head of NBC. The company was then turned over to News Corp. who, in the name of competing, turned the network into liberal-biased anti-American network ran by Russian Commies such as Vladimir Putin.

Today, NBC continues to exist, but its influence is much diminished.

Technological Innovations

  • Invented Radio
  • Invented Radio Network
  • Invented Television
  • Invented Television Network
  • Invented Color Television
  • Invented Videotape
  • Invented the 8-Track
  • Invented the Corporation Sell-Out
  • First corporate whore to be in charge of NBC: Tom Brokaw
  • Second corporate whore to be in charge of NBC: Tim Russert

Programming Firsts


In 2007, all of the channels in the NBC network were involved in NBC-Universal's "Go Green Week".

The flagship network, NBC, promoted green-ness on the Today show by sending correspondents to remote areas of the planet which normally saw little if any pollution due to travel until NBC set up mini studios with at least four people. The correspondents and where they celebrated environmentalism and conservation for NBC/Universal's Ends of the Earth pre-sweeps week promo were:

  • Matt Lauer in Greenland (not the arctic, apparently there's a war up there)
  • Al Roker in some remaining rainforest at the equator
  • Ann Curry in Antarctica
  • Merideth Viera in New York

Bob Costas in the dark and shouting so everyone could hear him

The adventures cost next to nothing and burned even less fuel.

The other channels in the NBC network family also chipped in by doing their part to raise awareness about wasting energy:

  • Sunday Night Football shut out some lights during the half time show (see image at right)

Television Pioneers

  • J. Fred Muggs

Modern Personalities

Modern Programming

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