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Maggie Gallagher: Hero of Heterosexual Marriage and Bush supporter

Traditional marriage bible

Traditional marriage, as God intended

NOM or The National Organization for Marriage is a Real American movement and a Godly Organization in charge of protecting heterosexual marriage for all Americans. They also have the patriotic duty to save our children from the evils of Gay Marriage and rescue them from the grasp of those Godless Sodomites! These Real American Heroes launched a pro-heterosexual website called 2M4M and 2M4M stands for “2 Million for Marriage”

Maggie Gallagher: A Real American HeroEdit

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom - Parry Gripp

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom - Parry Gripp

Maggie Gallagher giving a speech about NOM's agenda

Who is she?Edit

The Homo StormEdit

National Organization for Marriage Gathering Storm TV Ad

National Organization for Marriage Gathering Storm TV Ad

The Rainbow Coalition will stop the Homo Storm

History of NOMEdit

Marraige add

If your dictionary spells ‘marraige’ as ‘marriage’, that dictionary is teh ghey and libural!

NOM was started by Real American Hero Maggie Gallagher and it is funded with mormon Christian money, none of that Gay Money. It was her idea to launch a pro-heterosexual website and to name it 2M4M, and everyone loved the name!

But their fight didnt stop there, once they consolidated and rallied the base against The Gays, the next step was to release an educashunal film (*educational, learn to spell) explaining the "dangers" of Gay Marriage. It is hard to believe but the majority of Americans do not understand that Gay Marriage is not just a threat to Americans, but a threat to American Civilization!


When NOM launched 2M4M they received millions of requests for membership and the new members pledged that they would get married as soon as they could... strangely enough none of the new members seem to be paired with women at the moment, but they did introduce 2M4M to many of their best friends, which oddly enough they are weird...

2M4M 4EVER! - Andy Cobb

2M4M 4EVER! - Andy Cobb


Protecting the Sanctity of Heterosexual MarriageEdit

Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

Traditional Bible Marriage: The Best Marriage!

The Gay Marriage ThreatEdit


A Gay sniper targeting a typical American Family…!

WVM-0901 ChurchVideo

WVM-0901 ChurchVideo

Why We Fight? The Battle Against Gay Terrorism. Or “Save The Children, Save The World” (and No, that Photo of the black child with a white family in the “adopted” photo is not photoshoped… Repeat It IS Photoshoped… No, I mean IS not!!)!

Gay Marriage is known to cause gayness and liberalism in the minds of the people who are expose to it, is worst than nucular radiation. Which is why Gay Marriage must be banned before it starts to get people ideas. It is also the slippery slope into bestiality marriage and worst... incest! Which is why the Government must ban Gay Marriage and monitor teh gheys to make sure they are not sodomizing each other.

There is Scientific Evidence that Gay Marriage encourages and is the cause of:

  • Crime
  • Murder
  • Incest
  • Genocide
  • Wars
  • Disease
  • Earthquakes
  • Acts of God
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Increased Frequency of Raising of the Eyebrows.

Is true! We have sciency evidence to prove it!

Bestiality MarriageEdit

Sex With Ducks the Music Video by Garfunkel and Oates

Sex With Ducks the Music Video by Garfunkel and Oates

Duck Marriage

Gay Marriage Corrupts Our Children!Edit

Gay people are just confused, they don’t realize that boobs are better than penises…

Gay Marriage confuses and “gayfies” our children! NOM has clear evidence that our children are under the dangerous threat of Teh Gheys, and they are demanding the American Government to stop The Gays from harming our children! But the liberals do not care for the safety of our poor children. Please! Someone think of the children!!!

Gay Marriage Corrupts America’s Army!Edit

Hate to break it to you but this guy will be a model...


It is hard for this American soldier to concentrate on his duty with so many gays around…

NOM’s Right to Deny Rights Under Threat!!Edit

Mother and Children Bullied by Gay Marriage Protestors in Albany, New York on NOM Marriage Tour 2010

Mother and Children Bullied by Gay Marriage Protestors in Albany, New York on NOM Marriage Tour 2010

The latest victim of The Gay Threat!
Please, Help Us!!!

The Gays, liberals, and Bears have united in forces to stop NOM and their Agenda to save Heterosexual Marriage. They have accused NOM and the Real American Heroes that support the ban on Gay Marriage as hatemongers! Not true! Is it hateful to love America? Is it wrong to love Heterosexual Marriage? I guess Gays would never understand since they never have been Heterosexually married before...

You lot really need to stop using the 'We love america' shroud to hide you single mindedness.



NOM will launch a new project called H.O.M.O. (Heterosexual Organization for Marriage Outreach), the project is meant to help heterosexual couples whose marriages are at risk of divorce because of gay marriage.


New Age of Consent! 14 is The New 20!! Early Marriage Prevents Teen Pregnancy!Edit

The Next Step To Protect Heterosexual Marriage from Teh Geys: Ban DivorceEdit

2010 California Marriage Protection Act PSA ( 2)

2010 California Marriage Protection Act PSA ( 2)

Remember kids! Marriage is Hell but brief. Real Hell is Eternal!

It makes sense!

Legalize Infidelity/PoligamyEdit

No, really. To protect the sanctity of marriage we need more marriages!

Project: P.U.R.I.T.Y.Edit

The NOM's new project is to protect racial purity our children against undesirables. Which is why Project P.U.R.I.T.Y. (Project United Race In Times of Yesteryears) was started to keep America safe, pure and white American

Project: B.A.N.Edit

Project B.A.N. (Ban All Now) is the lastest on the NOM's project to Protect All Real Americans against the threat of Gay Marriage. The Project is an attempt to introduce a bill that will ban all marriages so that way we can stop the gays from marrying other gays.

International NOMEdit

In a surprising move, the joos have joined NOM's agenda and opened their own NOM agency in the Baby Jesus' homeland! And the best part is they want a law that says that you can only considered a married couple if you have 12 kids! one kid! Take that gays! Everyone knows gay people can get prego! The Joowish NOM has called their project 12MK4J (12 Million Kids For Joos!)


Bob Dole


The crap that comes out of your mouth!

Latest Victims of the Homosexual Threat!Edit

  • Doug Manchester: The man who donated $125,000 to fund Prop 8. Without this courageous man, we wouldn't been able to trample on the rights of the gays the gay menace. Unfortunately the gays have retaliated against Mr. Manchester by sabotaging his marriage! They must pay!

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