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NPR has earned

"NPR" is the front name for The People's National Radio Co-operative. They use the name "NPR" because their polling tells them they can recruit more kids if they use abbreviations. NPR is run by a bunch of hippie macrame-huggers.

NPR is the New York Times of radio. Drudge says all NPR shows are gay.

And he's right.

Just look at this secret list of their programming schedule, exclusively obtained by

  1. "Communism Now!" with Amy Goodman
  2. "Anarchy Later!"
  3. "Delicious Dish"
  4. "Car Talk, with Click and Clack"
  5. "Marriage, Adoption and Flag Burning, The Gay Agenda!"

NPR TriviaEdit

  • is a clothing optional, perfume-free, non-smoking, equal opportunity employment environment
  • all memos are written on hemp paper
  • the bathroom dispenses only one square for each user; anyone caught using more than one square has to spend their breaktime hugging all the trees in the parking lot
  • employees get two ten-minute rest breaks, one 30-minute lunch break and a one hour gay-orgy break for every 8 hours worked
  • just to stick it to the man, radio personalities stage a sound-free minute to honor some random minority imprisoned somewhere
  • the phone-screeners answer all the calls
  • They are racists
  • They hate rallies
  • 45 Percent Of NPR Listeners are Saddam Hussein clones/impersonator (so that's why he needed that many)
  • the leader of NPR is Hitler
  • NPR finally claims medal of fear

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