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Help were being mugged by the token black guy!

The NERD organization, also known as the National Endowment for Republicising Democrats, is an organization that (fully) supports our troops and intelligently follows the learned teachings of George W. Bush. Formed shortly after the end of the Time Before Terror, this organization is strongly commited to un-pussifying the American populace by reducing bleeding-heart, pacifist, and generally pussified tendencies.

These heroes are not geek liberals in their mothers' dank basements (nor are they "the baddest dungeon masters ever"). No, they are in fact an elite group of ninjas who use their various ninja-y skills (including Jedi-rivaling mind control) to inform the general masses of the actual truth that the liberal media refuses to recognize. Such truth comes from one source and one source alone: their ever discreet secret ninja leader Dr. Stephen Colbert. Despite the fact that Colbert has not admitted to any ties with the NERDs, the way he moves behind his desk betrays his mad p3wning skillz that only true NERDs can attain.

The NERDs are fully loyal to Stephen, who is (to protect his identity) known to them as the Greatest Oldest Dungeoneer, or G.O.D. for short. They follow his orders without question because they fight for his truthiness. The NERDs are constantly battling their nemesis, the Godless Evil Enemies of Khrist. The NERDs' victory is aided greatly by the fact that the GEEKs are losers without girlfriends.

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The Ongoing War

NERDs are constantly at war with GEEKs. Many make the mistaken assumption that NERDs and GEEKs are the same thing. Liberal lies. You see, NERDs have about a 2% chance of getting laid, whereas GEEKs have an estimated 0.000000003% chance. Furthermore, GEEKs are godless liberals who hate Star Wars and the Colbert Report. They prefer the Daily Show and Star Trek.

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