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The "Great" State of NEVADA
Capitol: Las Vegas
State Flower: Cherry, Cherry, Cherry!
Official Language: The Universal Language - Cash
State Bird: The Neon Egyptian Medieval Pirate Flamingo
State Motto: ATM cards accepted.
Nickname: The Show Me The Money State.
Governor: Yes
State Anthem: "You Only Love Us For Our Silver" circa 1865
Population: 2,000,000 Las Vegas tourists
Standard MPH: City: 60mph
Rural: 70mph
Reality: 85-90mph
Principal imports: Californians, Hookers
Principal exports: Empty Wallets, STDs
Principal industries: Quickee divorces, Gambling, Prostitution and Burning Man
Fun Fact # 1: The only tourist attractions in Nevada are Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas
Fun Fact # 2: Is 99% desert.

A Red State in America. Home of Las Vegas and legalized prostitution. Also known as California's Spain. There was a brief time in Nevada's history when prostitution was curtailed, that era was known as "The Carter Years" and Stephen Colbert has warned about the return of "Hooker Rationing" if Jimmy Carter's son Jack Carter is elected.

The only places to visit and have fun in Nevada are Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Other than that, Nevada is just a desert.


Proper pronunciation of Nevada is Nuh-Vaw-Duh, however, local pronunciation is Neh-va-duh.


Nevada was founded during the California and Oregon trail. They named it Nevada, which is spanish for "Money"


In 1975 a fat amputee hooker named Lola and a hick who calls himself "Rim Job Ryder" wanted a casino and a strip club near their desert home. They built their dream and called it Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the only city in Nevada.

Achieving StatehoodEdit

Nevada TodayEdit

No self-respecting god-loving moral person (a.k.a. conservatives) have been ballsy enough to enter the state since the Bears have been "voted" into control of the state in 2005. Uh, did I say not ballsy enough? What I meant to say is that no "sane" person has had the time to go to Nevada since 2005. Anyway the rumor is that the even more powerful Grizzly Bear has teamed up with the ever feared Lesbian Dentist Cartel or LDC to create a secret police of liberal brown-nosers to weed out any moral or insubordinate people in the state. The LDC is the more powerful and advanced faction born from the origional founding prostitutes, or as Bill Clinton calls them "his assistants". There is also a rumor of a U.S. secret military base called Area-51, or 52, no one really cares, that is simply a lie. No more questions. Period.

non-Las Vegas LandmarksEdit

None have been found yet, because there is an on-going confict with bears, and money cannot be used for finding commie landmarks.

Famous Nevadans, who are not hookers or mobstersEdit

Famous Hookers or MobstersEdit

A Typical Day in NevadaEdit

Includes fighting for your wallet back from the great bear overlords who rule just outside of the bearless boundaries of Las Vegas. Otherwise, nothing but free love and constantly trying to find the prosperity the founding prostitutes sadly never found.

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