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New Orleans
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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New Orleans

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Beads are the accepted form of currency in New Orleans. They can be traded for alcohol or quick glimpses of boobs.



New Orleans is a city in Louisiana originally built by retired French whores from Napoleon's court. It is also known as "The Chocolate City." Just think of it as Washington D.C. minus the marshmallow center and the graham cracker crust of corruption. (Any actual corruption is also chocolate-based). Due to its cumbersome nickname, it is sometimes mistaken for Hershey, PA

Only the French (and maybe the Dutch, and possibly the Italians) are stupid enough to build a city on a swamp, below sea level, on sinking ground, right up on the coast of a tropical body of water prone to hosting hurricanes. That's pretty much New Orleans. It's like an empty swimming pool.

In 2005, God punished New Orleans for its tolerance of homosexuality, breast-baring coeds and jazz music by sending a large woman named Katrina to visit. He then made it all better by sending FEMA in a few months later. Heckuva job Godie!

New Orleans is now known as America's Venice.

Mille grazi.


New Orleans from far away.

New Orleans Fun FactsEdit

  • Girls tend to go wild there.
  • The Lower 9th Ward is the real estate opportunity of the century.
  • The French named it after American rock band Orleans, but its power ballads are nowhere near as crooningly beautiful.
  • The first Malcolm, Chaniqua, assumed his title in this city.
  • Somehow the home of Voodoo did not see this coming.
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