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New York Yankees
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We've got spirit, how 'bout
New York Yankees!?!

A New York Yankee, pictured here in uniform.

One of New York's two baseball teams, and the greatest baseball team in America. Created by Babe Ruth, who is rumored to have been a Founding Father of America.

The Yankees have won more than 200 World Series. However, after every win, they have declined to accept their trophy because the New York Yankees are only interested in winning the American Series. The World Series indicates that France is included, and the New York Yankees do not accept that.

Also, Babe Ruth used to hunt liberals for sport and built Yankee Stadium by himself in a single day using bricks made from the ground-up bones of his kills.

Yankees TruthEdit

  • The Yankees franchise slays BEARS. They rid America of godless killing machines!!!
  • The Yankees are one thing that makes The Baby Jesus Happy.

Fun FactsEdit

2003 9 yankee1

Hideki Matsui, Yankee left fielder, and Illegal Alien

  • Derek Jeter is blood related to George W. Bush, Stephen Colbert, and allegedly Babe Ruth
  • Only 0.15% of Americans make enough money in their lifetimes to purchase a ticket for a seat in the New Yankee Stadium.

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