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News of the World
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News of the World (NOTW) is the Fox News of Britain and it is also owned by Rupert Murdoch

NOTW has a long standing record of fighting the liberal disease in England, specially within the family, it was suspected that communists were trying to infiltrate the royals to undermine the British Monarchy. Because of their tireless effort to stop communism NOTW was rewarded for stopping the communist crisis but the hunt was not over, NOTW decided they needed to monitor communist activities on the citizens of the British island which included politicians, celebrities, and flying magical nannies.

2011 Prevention Crime AwardEdit

In 2011 NOTW was given the "Bestest Destroyer of Evidence and Obstruction of Justice Award"[1] for their work in some murder case that earned them alot of recognition as a serious news organization. For that awesome job they were awarded with a bigger studio so they can start the expansion of British Fox News so they can monitor more communists.

Scandal: Hugh Grant Bugs NOTWEdit

A scandal has recently broke that Hugh Grant, a communist hollywood liberal celebrity, bugged the most prestigious news organization in Britain. The tabloid papers are going to sue, mister! Who the hell do you think you are going after hard working truth tellers. We are going to sue you, we are going to sue until you are nothing but a penniless [the following statements have been redacted for legal concerns]. We are not afraid of you, [redacted too]. We have more money than Gawd!

Anti-Terrorism Task ForceEdit

NOTW has the most sophisticated anti-terror network in Britain. They dont just monitor for communist activity, they are also looking for any terrorist threat that could endanger Real Britons. For their many years and services in keeping England safe from terrorist attacks, NOTW will receive titles of nobility and Rupert Murdoch will be knighted as a hero to be remembered for all eternity. People will remember this day for years to come.

Let us hope that the Queen of Welfare and Socialism doesnt decide to attack soon...

End of an EraEdit

After years of great service NOTW will close down, it is not a retreat but a great opportunity to explore new alternatives. Perhaps NOTW will expand their skills by creating an new tabloid that will be called "NOT News of The World" or NOTNOTW (or NOTW 2.0) Sunday Sun Sun on Sunday, it is catchy and they are already the talk of the town. The damage control brilliant political maneuver to save Murdoch's brand is already hailed as brilliant and they are already working hard in finding the next location of their next sleaziest tabloid, it will have more sleaze, more gossip, more phone hacking news!

The Libural Media is already on their smear campaign to destroy Murdoch's dream of creating a British Fox News, but fear not this is just the next step to stop the liberal threat in Europe. And just ignore the vocal voices coming from your lunch, they dont know what they are talking about.

Real Britons, if you love your little island so much I suggest you sign this petition to save Rupert Murdoch from the liberal threat! We are working hard to expand his media empire so he can one day destroy any vestige of the liberal media in the UK. Sign up, do your patriotic duty: "Petition to No time to give Murdoch more power"


Hackgate The Movie

Hackgate The Movie

NOTW The Movie

Many liberals would say that NOTW had a controversial legacy ignoring truthi-facts like keeping Hollywood celebrities in check and liberal politicians in line. If it wasnt for NOTW and Rupert Murdoch's adopted daughter, England would already be overrun by the gays and bears, and perhaps the mooslims. Where is the thanks for keeping us safe? But fear not, the liberals has lost at the end. One of NOTW greatest legacies will be stopping the liberal menace.

Fox News will stand next to their Brothers and sisters in England bystand and give them words of encouragement to continue their criminal activities give silent nods of encouragment. In other news Fox News discloses that NOTW is not affiliated with Fox News or Rupert Murdoch. Anyone who says otherwise, that is a liberal lie!

Hackers Destroyed News of The World!Edit

Evidence has surfaced that hackers were responsible for the demise of NOTW!! Fox News demands and investigation and the arrest of all hackers! Including the shut down of 4chan, anonymous, etc. How dare these internet pirates soil the good name of NOTW? Fox News will not rest in their hunt, not even if hackers decide to retaliate!

Do Not See These LiesEdit

Fox And Friends' Comically Clumsy Defense of News Corp

Fox And Friends' Comically Clumsy Defense of News Corp.

Stop talking about News of The World! Leave them alone!

The Real Truthiness No One is TalkingEdit

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