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No-brainer (noun) is the problem-solving solution preferred by The Greatest President. The no-brainer can be reached by evaluating any question with the first available evidence, then choosing the most obvious solution.

Synonym: Slam Dunk

Remember: if you use your gut the no-brainer will follow.

President Bush bends to the power of the no-brainer.

Alternatives to the no-brainer include debate, compromise or pussy-footing. These methods are often used by gays, communists and traitors to further their Hate America First agendas.

Advantages Of

The no-brainer doesn't do nuance.

Telling someone "It's a no-brainer" quells dissent.

Dick Cheney says it!

Examples Of

Here is a short list of Real American talking points reached through the no-brainer .

"God is on our side in the War On Terror because Jesus was an American."

"Liberals hate America. The terrorists hate America. Therefore liberals are with the terrorists."

"Torture is OK as long as it's America who's doing the torturing."

"Possession of nucular weapons is evil unless it's America who's doing the possessing."

Philosophical Background

An early precursor to the no-brainer was Confucius who said:


Confucius say:
Stop thinking, and end your problems

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