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Asian and very good at math.
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North Korea
is a glorious article in the Korean Collection!
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Mahmoud Ahmedi-North Korea-nejad is a terrorist.
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North Korea
is a proud und perfect reflection of der Nazi Party.
Und makes The Baby Hitler dance der Goose-Step!

You try trying to negotiate with a mad man that loves Daffy Duck!

The Glorious Country of North Korea
Capitol: The Glorious City of Pyongyang
Official Flower: We have flowers???
Official Language: Communist and Foreign
Official Bird: We ate it
Motto: All Hail the Bears!!!
Common Name: The Glorious Nation of North Korea
Leader: Kim Jong-Il, The Glorious Leader Ever!!! Lil Kim
Official Anthem: Aegukka "The “Real” Patriotic Song."
Population: Not starving
Currency: We have money??
Principal imports: We don’t need your stinking capitalistic materialistic junk!
Principal exports: You don’t need our stinking Glorious stuff!!
Principal industries: We have industries????
Fun Fact # 1: South Koreans are capitalist pigs!
Fun Fact # 2: We hate the Japanese.
Fun Fact # 3: We like China.
Fun Fact # 4: What's a bunny?

The Glorious Leader Ever taking a break. Is not easy being a Dictator Glorious Leader…

North Korea is South Korea's Canada you wish.....Mexico Nope, crazy twin brother that lives in the attic. North Korea's evil/ronery leader Kim Jong Il who is not Kim Jong II.

North Korea is both a card-carrying member of The Axis of Evil and the world's Chihuahua...always barking and running around trying to convince everyone it's big and strong.

2010 Surprise Party for South Korea!Edit

Began innocently enough until Kim Jong Il's shipment of fireworks accidentally exploded before arriving at the party site in South Korea.

More as it develops.....

Going NucularEdit

Us attack

Kim Jong Il's new film. North Korean critics love it! Must be good…

There has been much concern in the "world community" about North Korea having nucular capabilities. These concerns are obviously folly. Kim Jong Il is merely a minor nuisance, unlike the immediate threat that Saddam Hussein was. Any intelligent person can discern this simply by looking at the name of the missile they have been testing. The Taepodong-2 missile is actually denoting the size of their arsenal, which is 2. Only two tiny missiles compared to the hundreds of WMD's that were possessed by Saddam Hussein. If North Korea was a real threat, the noble and flawless George W. Bush would have valiantly ordered the U.S.A. to intervene and liberate another country in the name of democracy.

Being In The Axis Of EvilEdit

See man article Axis of Evil

  • Dr. Colbert declared that North Korea could use a good, stiff liberationEpisode #281

    North Korean soldiers on river patrol.

The North Korean ArmyEdit


…this is what we are all afraid of????

North Korean BeerEdit

Bad news, for a commie country their beer is superior to that of South Korea's... but the good news is that at least they are learning how to be more capitalist one step at a time... maybe next time they can design a better hamburger (with what meat I would rather not think about it...)

The North Korean Beer (unfortunately) has a superior taste than that of South Korea's...
(who the hell does a 2:25s beer commercial?
N. Korea has still a lot to learn from the West…)

North Korean AnimeEdit

North Korean Animation (English Subtitles)

North Korean Animation (English Subtitles)

North Koreans poor attempt at Anime


North Korea is a hostility base economy and they just recently passed a stimulus package for their shovel ready project in South Korea.

Famous ResidentsEdit

Commie unicorns!

North Korea TriviaEdit

The Glorious Leader Ever will bring the moon to the people of North Korea!! No moon for you Capitalist pigs!!!
  • North Korea is one of few remaining Communist countries. Al Franken is a strong proponent of the North Korean state.
  • The North Korean army learns how to kick ass every day.
  • North Korea's "official" name is "Democratic People's Republic of Korea", but that doesn't fool anyone. Remember the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, that continent that may or may not exist that no one really cares about either way? North Korea is actually an evil dictatorship that needs to be nuked by America.
  • The North Korean national anthem is sung entirely in North Korean, but translated into English, it's just a bunch of obscenities. There's even a verse about Kim Jong Il sodomizing Bill O'Reilly. Oh, how he wishes.
  • North Koreans enjoy throwing babies off of bridges. It is among their favourite past-times. What baseball is to America, throwing babies off of bridges is to North Korea.
  • North Korean Kim il-Sung's movement is called Juche, or "to be self sufficient". Thus the constant refusal of aid by North Korea to not only China but South Korea as well. This same self reliance causes the average North Korean to need to eat only one ounce of rice per month.
  • North Koreans eat a dish called Kimchi, which is supposedly very good. No one really knows because it's actually very disgusting.
  • North Korea's Nine Million citizens face terrible famine We have Pizza Now!!!
  • North Korea just solved their wymin troubles!
  • They just developed a powerful Brain Juice!
  • Our Glorious Nation of North Korea has Facebook!

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