Nucular Weapons
are Truthiness Crusaders!

America’s Atomic Bomb. Hell Yeah!

These are the systems which great Americans like Stephen Colbert use as the ultimate expression of freedom. They are tipped with pure warheads of democracy and freedom. The concentration is so strong that communist and fascist areas affected by them are often made unlivable due to the amount of freedom in them. This can be observed in WWII after we liberated two of their cities.

Another interesting aspect is that in the explosion of democracy associated with them many of the people and structures ins the area are converted into free atoms, carrying the glowing effects of liberty and America to the rest of the world.

The only reason that these weapons are not used against all enemies of Americas is that, as previously noted, can liberate whole cities into free atoms who are not prepared enough. Only people such as the greatest American ever and Stephen Colbert have the ability to absorb the freedom.

Many of the hippie liberals such as Green Peace wish for us to end the usage of these weapons. However, we know that these are only the folly of the bears, which nuclear weapons are known to destroy with their liberty.

These glorious weapons of America should not be confused with our communist enemies weapons, which carry only death, destruction, and democrats.

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