has its own tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!

OSCLA (Official Stephen Colbert Love Association) is a group of fan girls who so love their Stephen, they have dropped out of every other social activity to maintaining an internets tube dedicate to Stephen Colbert.


Oscla began life by being born prematurely as an message board about three seconds after Stephen Colbert first raised an ironic eyebrow on The Colbert Report. As befitting its early months, it lived on a shitty phpbb free host until it had learned how to change its diapers and say "Stephen" in a convincing yet plaintive manner. This explained why girls flocked to Oscla to mother its infancy. The hardest struggle was seeing it off to school for the first time. About two days later, Oscla had escaped, destroyed all its records and lay in disarray, randomly gurgling about web hosts. A few people took pity on the child and fixed its clothing, so other kids would not run, point and stare and call it a "poor kid".

But Oscla had a fear of the Aunt who had finally taken the babe under her wing. The aunt drank heavily and occasionally Oscla would be punished. This made the fangirls very upset. Then one dark night, the Aunt decided the baby had gotten too, well, annoying, and placed it for adoption. The next day a few of the fangirls had constructed a crib that was a bit small and a bit cheap, but their hearts were in the right place. The Aunt took action suddenly without warning, and the following morning Oscla was riding a giant peach to NYC. Oscla, with the help of the lady spider, the centipede, the grasshopper, and the ladybug, managed to find a decent home, and now is looking forward to going to elementary school next semester.

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