Obama's Death Panel
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Obama's Death Panel is heretical
and makes The Baby Jesus jealous!
May it rot in the fires of his judgement!
Obama's Death Panel
is one of the things they don't want you to know about.


Yes, I Can


Whether or not this is actually Obama, this poster alone is cause for impeachment.

The ObamaCare Death Panel (OC DP) or Obama's Death Panel, is a group of ACORN volunteers who are the deciders for who gets sacrificed on the altar of socialized medicine.

Their secret plot was exposed by The Greatest Maveratrix Ever, who had no choice but to exploit defend her handicapped son, Trig, for the sake of attention children everywhere.

Now, sure, the fact huggers out there will try to tell you that Obama's plan only includes voluntary "end of life" counseling, and that the "death panel" is a crass fiction made up by desperate Republican spin doctors. Don't listen! Real or not, doesn't "death panel" feel scary? Don't you feel like yelling hysterically in your local town hall? Most importantly, don't you feel like voting Republican in 2010? God Bless America!

Who Can Become An Obama Death Panel Worker?Edit

Socialized Muerte Tube
Death Programs
Regulating Agency
Socialized Muerte CEO

Ideal candidates for a "death panel" include abortion doctors who need a little work on the side when it is not "mulato season"..

Your local Death Panel may also include one or more of the following:

  • A politician
  • A beduin
  • A rapist (see politician)
  • A Turk fluent in German
  • Karim Abdul Shakir
  • Any nigger with a security clearance
  • If you work or have ever worked for Planned Parenthood

What Do Obama Death Panel Workers Do?Edit

Whatever Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck say they do. After all, they both have children; are you questioning the concerns of loving parents? How dare you!

Where Do Obama Death Panel Workers Work?Edit

Construction is being completed on the FEMA camps where all the undesirables are sent for socialist re-education and homosexualization.

Myths About Obama's Death PanelEdit

The Mis-Informant Part 1 - with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman

The Mis-Informant Part 1 - with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman

Jack Black teaching children the facts about Obama's Death Panels
  • Obama's only trying to encourage old people to make out living wills

Even if this were true, Obama would still be committing heresy; after all, God is the only one who can decide when you die, and it is your duty as a good Christian to linger on for years in a state of living death until He calls you to His side. Amen.

If death panels really don't exist, it can only mean one of two things:

  1. Glenn Beck lied to America or
  2. Fox news told me so it must be true
  3. Obama is going to turn old people into zombies
  4. Tea Party Movement Liars

Who Supports Death PanelsEdit

Who is Joining the Fight Against "Death Panels"Edit

Colorado: Fighting for Tea Bagging Freedoms
and Against ObamaDeath!

Obama's Death Panel Defeated: We Won! Old People Won't Have to Die!Edit

Thanks to the infinite wisdom of Sarah Palin, old people will have to pay costly bills before they die cursing their wretched suffering won't have to suffer at the hands of death anymore! Hurray!

Emergency NewsEdit

Death Panels now aiming to kill our children!!!!

Obama seeking more African and Turks and Americans in Europe finds Merkel agrees with Obama 99% of the timeEdit

Obama asks politicians to let a million Turks live in Europe! Yes, said Europe's dirty politicians. Yes, said Obama, "I've evolved." Since Obama has evolved thanks to new advances at Fort Detrick, Obama is taller than every politician in Europe. With Turks like these, soon Europe will be in the NBA! In fact, some cities already are! Turkey has evolved to join Puerto Rico in defending the North Atlantic from Islamification in Nato.

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