All Hail the Octopus Kingdom!

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Godless Killing Machines
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Multi-legged terrorists training to pry open submarines so that one day, they will be able to eat American sailors' delicious brains.

Some people in Detroit are showing revolt against octopusses by throwing dead ones onto ice in a building made for such things..Joe Louis Arena.

Yes it is octopusses..not octopi. Octopus comes from a Greek word meaning "8 legs" so it is pluralized by Greek rules, not Latin.


The octopi are planning an attack! They have recently been spotted training with legos in order to build a stairway out of the sea. Unless they can be stopped, they will outrun humans with their eight legs and then rip our heads open like jars. Our only hope is to unleash the natural predator of the octopi: Japanese game show contestants.

Since the octopus has no neck it is noted for being completely invulnerable to Hulk Hogan's atomic leg drop.


Some octopus have magical powers and they can see the future!

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