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Mahmoud Ahmedi-Osama bin Laden-nejad is a terrorist.

"Let's see here... Soda, some purple stuff... Oh sweet, Sunny D!"
—Osama bin Laden
Quote open clear3.gif I'm not really that concerned with Bin Laden's location, I don't spend that much time on it Quote close clear2.gif
~The Greatest President

"I do not recall terrorism existing during my administration."
~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost

Osama bin Laden during his "Classics" Phase

Osama bin Laden was the world's third biggest asshole (after Saddam Husseinand Gordan Brown, Osama's brother, who has been defeated, making Osama bin Lad-dee-fuck-ing-da-den number 1). He helped Saddam mastermind a plan that destroyed a national landmark, a lynchpin of the American economy, and killed 50,000,000 innocent Americans in the process. He has also issued many public statements blaspheming against Jesus, because he thinks Allah has more balls. He also doesn't like apple pie, unless it has a bomb hidden inside it.

Osama (or, to his friends, Ossie) and Saddam were the main men behind 9/11, which altered the American political field forever. From the wreckage of the World Trade Center crawled the liberal race, drooling and panting, snot running down their noses. After attacking and eating a nearby gun-owning, law-abiding citizen, they proceeded to run for office and lost, but their pestilence disturbs America to this day.

For his crimes against America and the world, Osama has been deathed. F-16 jet fighters, American soldiers, submarines, and crack teams of Jedi piloted stealth bombers are out searching for him right now.

His Capture His Death

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I don't usually get my name confused, but when it happens, I kill the person I am confused with.
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~ Barack Obama
May 1, 2011

Now sure, there are plenty of fact-huggers out there in the liberal media who say that bin Laden's death was Barack Hussein Obama's accomplishment, that he finally did what The Greatest President Ever failed to do for eight years, and that he took seriously a mission that the previous adminisitration lost interest in as soon as Dick Cheney got thirsty for oil. To those nay-sayers, we say... well... you see... shut up!

Sure, President Bush might have gotten side-tracked here and there by oil something shiny clearing brush in Crawford the pressing demands of preserving freedom worldwide, but it was his wise, guiding presence that allowed liberty to blossom and a coalition of allies to flower in the Middle East except in Pakistan. Without his bold leadership, we might never have found bin Laden because we never would have gotten in bed with the people hiding him for a decade. How dare Obama take credit for finding him, just because he happened to find him? The nerve of some people.

Anyway, here's the real story of how the worst terrorist in the world met his well-deserved end, straight from the mouth of Stephen Colbert, the only man in America with the balls to tell it like it is according to Fox News

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Violets are blue, roses are red, the bastard lies rotting, shot in the head.
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~ Martin Luther King, Jr.[1]
May 2, 2011

That's cheating! He used a time traveler to find Osama Bin Laden!

Four scant days after 9/11 George W Bush promised he would capture Osama Bin Laden, then he forgot all about it. Ten Years after America was attacked, a small group of Special forces surrounded the suspected cave MacMansion of the world's most wanted terrorist. They waited until the cool, Tora Bora Pakistani nightfall descended before they moved in to capture the slight, bearded man.

"Raghead One is down! Raghead One is down!"

Those words crackled over the elaborate communications system deep below the White House in the new, state-of-the-art communications room. Prior to the Reagan Administration, the Federal Government had not even considered terrorism. Reagan spearheaded the construction of what he called "The Situation Room". George H. W. Bush was able to use his experience as CIA director to improve and elaborate on Reagan's brilliant idea.

But subsequent administrations allowed the equipment and it's mission to degrade. Clinton used the room for secret, late-night pornographic sessions. It wasn't until The Greatest President re-opened the room and passed the 28th Commandment to The United States Constitution which protected the room, it's contents and the procedures that make it effective in what George called a "lock box". George even personally dusted and vacuumed the room--he was that dedicated to National Security. But alas, Georgy boy never got to use the room to hunt down Bin Laden as the months went by and Osama refused to disclose his new address in Afghanistan, Bush felt it wasnt worth the effort. When The Sekret Mooslim took office, George made a bet with the new Tyrant-in-Chief that he will never get Bin Laden. So Hussein Obama took the bet and he tried to hunt down Bin Laden while passing Socialized Medicine and allowing gays to join the army. The Republicans laughed as it seemed that Obama was too busy passing his Socialist Agenda rather than keep America safe.[2] Obama hired Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Watson, and that facebook guy to upgrade the Situation Room, transforming it into the Situation Room 2.0, a state of the art Terrorist Tracker/Hunter.

Sadly, all that Hard Work payed off that night in a cave in the mountains of Torra Borra. in a MacMansion in the affluent suburb community of Abbottabad, Pakistan. Famous for its pleasant weather, high-standard educational institutions and military establishments that you would have to be crazy to move into such community if you were a known terrorist unless you were rich enough to pay off Pakistan security, but I am sure Pakistan security didnt know they had a terrorist in their backyard, after all they are our allies!

The Situation Room grew silent. Everyone held their breath waiting for the response. It was agonizing.

And came, "Black Hawk Rising, this is A-Team, I repeat Black Hawk Rising: Raghead One is down!"


"God Bless You, A-Team, God Bless You, Black Hawk Rising out." The room burst into respectful applause; they all knew how much this mission would hurt Bush's legacy of terror hunting and Trump's chance for the Presidency and they relished it. They were happy for Black Hawk Rising; now he could get some rest from the Tea Baggers and their pesky question regarding his Birth Ceritificate.

We dont know the names of the braves heroes who killed Osama, but we still salute you, you nameless heroes.

Osama's MacMasion/fortress is already open in the market, and it was barely used so it looks like new and restorations should be cheap! For anyone interested call 1-800-Al-Qaeda for pricing and details.

Why is Obama so happy?...
Obama Badass

Abbottabad: a great community for retired terrorists to move.
Bin Laden: The Movie. Spoiler Alert, the bad guy dies

Sexual Testimony

It has been suggested that Osama bin Laden is a "closet homosexual" (a man who only has gay sex in small rooms, draped in hanging coats). This, however, remains as yet unproven. If you have had a unique experience with Osama bin Laden, please feel free to write in below:

"Osama bin Laden, who is not a homosexual, is a generous lover, not that I would know personally, and he will always be there with you, to draw you a bath or to rock you back to sleep."

True Identity

While Osama was hiding in Manitoba, RCMP special constables discovered that he is actually Irish. From DNA testing, it appears that he may be the long-forgotten love child of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. His registered birth name is Sammy O'Leary, and he now wears a turban and false beard to hide his ethnic origins. Due to the fact that he is actually Sammy O'Leary, the RCMP felt duty bound to let him go and continue their search for "Osama bin Laden." The RCMP now realize that OBL is an alias, and should they ever again catch him in Manitoba they will hold him for immediate forwarding to the US. Sammy O'Leary was formerly a lounge singer and stand-up comedian in London. He now complains that the Osama character has taken over his life, much in the same manner as Ziggy Stardust, Alice Cooper, and PeeWee Herman. It's gotten completely out of hand, especially with the level of public response the OBL character receives. His most recent tape release, proven authentic, states that he just wants to go back to the clubs, and he wishes we'd all just forget about the Osama bin Laden nonsense. Too-ra loo-ra loo-ra!

Competing theories state that Osama's true identity is, in fact, one of the following: a French Canadian beaver-trapper from Northern Manitoba; Al Franken; the evil non-identical clone of Stephen Colbert that was infected by Baby Satan at birth; definitely not a real American, God Bless America; the world's largest puff pastry; the unnamed member of the Kealy 6; and Spam (spammity spam).

Osama bin Laden Trivia

Obama used the Mooslim Evil Eye to kill Osama.
That's right, mooslims posses the evil eye!

  • According to the most recent intelligence reports, Osama bin Laden is working on a gay pornographic movie with Michael Moore, Kim Jong Il and Saddam Hussein. All four will be featured writhing and doing unspeakable acts unto one another while shouting, "Death to America!" in five hundred languages that do not include American.
  • Osama was killed not with a bullet but by frightening the horse who was pleasuring Osama when the SEALS showed up.
  • Osama bin Laden wears a turban to hide the missile launcher built into the top of his head.
  • Osama bin Laden was born evil. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. They're just a liberal hippie doing that moral relativism thing again, like, "He's not really evil at heart! Maybe we should grant him asylum and give him free healthcare for life, like we do with all the illegal aliens!"
  • It has recently come out that Osama bin Laden has a secret desire for country-rock singer Whitney Houston. This is absolutely true and should not be questioned. It's also so wrong. So wrong. Especially because he's actually gay.
  • Osama bin Laden's current hideout is, most likely, located in Jihadistan or Durka-durkhistan. Perhaps Tel-Aviv.
  • Osama bin Laden recently signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to replace the last "crazy" they had.
  • Osama bin Laden now has his own cereal, "Afghani-os". They are very similar to Cheerios, except instead of honey, they are sprinkled with E. Coli.
  • The only contact that the great George W Bush and Osama Bin Laden had before 9/11 was a secret mission Dubya undertook to Afghanistan in the 80s. Oh sure, the liberals at the time said that Osama was our friend and would fight those commies, but Dubya saw the truth. He managed to give Osama drastic kidney failure before Saddam Hussein attacked Dubya from behind like a coward with a machine gun. Channeling the spirit of Stephen Colbert, Dubya survived and escaped, only to fight another day.
  • He has an inverted inch and a half penis.
  • He is now rumoured to be hiding out in Manitoba, along with Satan, Elvis, The Chicago Cubs' luck and France's sense of morality.
  • One time, when somebody said the word Jesus to him, he said, "Jesus? Fuck that little bitch-ass retard!" meaning that he is ridiculously evil, and his soul has already been sent to the lowest level of hell.
  • In fact he is so evil that baby satan had to invent a new place of hell for him its rumored to be -9 to the 999999999999999999th power negative altitude under the ground. Baby Satan's a wait'n...
  • He at one time had a three-way with Wolf Blitzer and Hillary Clinton, but Hillary dominated
  • He likes to "beat-off" while slapping himself in the face with the bottom of a shoe because it makes him feel dirty
  • What was the last thing that went through Usama's head as the Navy SEALS stormed his bedroom? A: A bullet

Videos Released

He recently put out a dance video

Video is to Obama--oops, sorry Osama--as painting was to Hitler: a failed dream. Ever since being booted out of Al Jazeera's video academy, Mr. bin Laden directing has always been in the back of his mind.

After taking over Al Qaeda, he used it as a chance to show the world what he could do. One of his number twos told U.S. interrogators that bin Laden would always send a resume along with the videos in the hopes that once all the infadels are gone, he could get a job as a freelance videographer.

His Private Videos

It has come to the attention of the CIA that Osama had another gig to pay off his bills; sad, really. Terrorism doesnt pay well this days.


Horny Housewives of Abu Dhabi

The Love Goat

Boys of Mecca: Arabian Tights

Shish Ke Bobbin' II: The whole skewer

Between the sheiks

Compound Me in the Ass

Hardball with Chris Matthews

Brown Zero

Arab Sprung

Ali Baba and the 40 Sluts


Allah hu Backdoor

Shariya Raw

Cave Trolls 7

Jihard Bodies

Tales of the Lonely Shepherd

Fluicide Bombers 9

Lawernce of the Labia

Spitting Camels Crave Arabian Goggles

Starring - Allahu Cockbar

Hard as Iraq

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

72 Virgins and One Horny Goat

Ben wa Fatwa

Hot Fat Chicks Eating Bacon

I Dream Of Weenie

Hot Infidel Sluts XXIII

Pork... The One You Love.

The Pink Crescent

Behind the Green Burka

Ahmad About Boys!

In Fidel

Cair Bares

Anal Gangbang #34: Revenge of the Herds

GILF Hunter - Goat See

Satanic Virgins by Swallowhim Holdi


Salaam I Lick'em (and the sequel, I Lick 'em So Long)

Ah, Pork Lips Now

Sharia Wars Episode III

I Am Courier, Yellow

Butch Coulter and the Shiite Kid

Born Again Virgin

Hannitize Me!

Once Upon A Time With A Loofa

Bachmann Turn 'er Over, Driver

The Story of Bill-O

Mount Rush More

Sleepless With A Camel

Jurassic Pork

His Employees

Everyone knows that one day bin Laden will be captured again closer to the 2008 election. But, until then, America is satisfied that all his employees are being put behind the proverbial water curtain.

Please click here to see all his criminal employees.

The End of an Era

We are finally free from that mooslim tyrant! Palin is the new President!

OBL's new life in Hell

Osama is currently spending his time wondering why no one in hell will talk to him let alone touch him and he will be wondering this for decades.

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