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They see each other more than they see their wives.

aka Papa Bird

Stephen's pet name for Bill O'Reilly.

Bill O'Reilly was actually Pope Pius XIII, but decided to retire from the Vatican and work for the greatest media called Fox.Episode #463 Oh, he also won a Nobel Prize on economics.Episode #463

Many liberals have tried to drive a wedge between Papa Bear and Dr. Stephen Colbert by claiming that since Dr. Colbert has correctly called out bears for what they truly are, this is indicative of Stephen's real feelings for Mr. O'Reilly. Hence, these liberals propose there is some implied grisly, or, if you like, repellent correlation between "Papa Bear" and bears.

It should be noted that most/all liberals have an extremely difficult time of not ruining things, such as America and the free market, so this charge of insincerity or mockery against Stephen towards O'Reilly is really a reflection of their hate for America.

The Goldilocks Investigation

Papa Bear is afraid of Mama Grizzlies

In the famous Goldilocks investigation of the suspected bearorist training facility, sworn testimony from Goldilocks described Papa Bear in terms of "too hot" and "too hard" [1] as if those could be misconstrued as bad qualities.

Who Papa Bear Ain't

  • Papa Bear ain't a Wordanista who would have a Hillary if ain't is used in his encyclopedia entry.
  • Papa Bear ain't one of the bears on the liberal PBS show for brainwashing children, Sesame Street.
  • Papa Bear ain't former coach of the godless Chicago Bears, George Halas.
  • Papa Bear really ain't a bear.
  • Papa Bear ain't a sexual predator, despite what the commie unionists marxostalinistas want you to believe.


  1. Actual quote from court transcripts: "I tasted Papa Bear's porridge, but it was too hot, then I got in Papa Bear's bed but it was too hard"

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