People Destroying America
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March 17, 2008Edit


St. Patrick's Day Edition

Shaun Clancey owner of Foley's in New York wants to ban the singing of Danny Boy in his pub

  • it's a sad song
  • the guy who wrote it wasn't Irish, didn't set foot in Ireland

But actually he wants to push his Real Irish Irish traditions

January 31, 2008Edit


visit Coral Gables, Florida

pickup trucks are gateway vehicles

  • to swamp buggies

defying Coral Gables, Florida laws is a mission similar to terrorists

February 14, 2008Edit


  • Susan Pagan, a woman who doesn't want her children (or anyone else's) to be happy
    • became enraged after her child got a reward for good grades: a coupon for a Happy Meal at McDonald's
  • Susan Linn, director of buzzkill support group chimed in with her hate too
  • after McDonald's introduced Happy Meals, America experienced a new morning!

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