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The study of the truthinessical consequences of the truthinessical line of reasoning which begins with the primary assumption: "If enough people believe something is true... it is".

Philosophy is basically thinking, a lot of thinking. Philosophy is a waste of time because one should always choose to follow their gut or instinct rather than let their brain to tell them what to feel.

Another problem with philosophy is that it forces you to question things that exhibit a high degree of truthiness. If something is truthy, it has to be true and cannot be questioned. Therefore philosophy has been nailed and is automatically wrong.

In response to the ultimately thinky nature of Philosophy in general, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert DFA created a new branch of it, called the Philosophy of Truthiness - this is the only philosophy in the world that is entirely dependant upon the gut.

Philosophical QuestionsEdit

Philosophers have pondered many questions throughout time, never being able to answer any of them. But they claim the pondering a problem is the goal not the solving of the problem.

To assist our readers in understanding more about philosophy, has included some of their more profound questions they have used to better understand the art of thinking.

Tree In The ForestEdit

Branches of PhilosophyEdit

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