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Pig drawing

You can almost taste the sanctity.

Pigs are God's most delicious animal, and are recognized as such in all parts of the world. All God's Children love pork! Except Muslims, They dont like Pork, They love Mutton better, and whiskey.

Homer pig

It takes time to release the heavenly flavor of pig.

How To Get At A Pig's DeliciousnessEdit

It takes time, and care, to release the God-given goodness inside a pig. There are many succulent flavors hiding within our porcine friends, each of them precious to Our Lord and Savior in their own special ways. Amongst the Lord's favorite pork-derived pleasures are Ham, Bacon, BBQ in its many forms, pork chops, baby back ribs, pork loin, and of course, the Holy of Holies, the BLT. Against denominational claims to the contrary, it has even been proved that The Baby Jesus loves Canadian Bacon. None of the Holy Trinity have much use, however, for the ultra-liberal Boston Butt.

Avoid "Dangerous" PartsEdit

The second most deadliest thing to come from the pig is its rind. The most deadly thing to come out of pigs is the flu.Episode #547

Delicious, Delicious PigsEdit

Pig Farming: NOT Bad For "the Environment"Edit



Who ever heard of a "hog lagoon," anyway?

Pig FactsEdit

Because There Has Been Some ConfusionEdit


You should not literally "eat" this type of "pig". Not because it wouldn't taste good, but because it would probably bitch and moan the whole time and ruin any enjoyment you would normally have during what should have been a relaxing meal and then it would probably stalk you and harass you until you feel like you're never ever going to hear the end of it.

Confusion #2Edit

Pigs do not wear make-up of any sort; only trollops do. In addition, it is insulting to say that pigs would wear make-up.

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