Pigeons annoy a woman.

I know that pigeons shouldn't exist, but the reason why they're here is simply to annoy us humans. You know, for checks and balances. Also, the pigeon is a real threat to our nation. I will not rest until the great people of America know the truth about pigeons! I don’t understand why Bert (of Sesame Street fame) just loves pigeons all they are, is “rats with wings.” Not to mention they poop anywhere at any time that’s convenient for them.

Pigeons as animals Edit

If you looked up stupid in the dictionary you would see a picture of a pigeon either that or Jessica Simpson, (which proves sometimes blondes are not the sharpest quill on the erethion dorsatum, that’s porcupine, stupid!) anyhoo… I don’t need a comma. There the comma was before my rant on porcupines and such! By the way, did I mention that pigeons are dumb? Also, they smell awful. Really, have you ever had them invade your privates

Pigeons And Unsavory Criminal ElementsEdit



Pigeons and Google Edit

They once said that their page rank system was monitored by pigeons. Of course, this was an April fool’s day joke and there were many other pranks they pulled. I’m listing them here.

  1. Mental-Plex- search function that reads your mind.
  2. Pigeon rank- I’ve already covered that.
  3. Google lunar/Copernicus center- job offers on the moon.
  4. Google gulp- a fictional drink that stimulated your brain cells.
  5. Google romance- a parody of online dating.

Pigeons and Simon & Garfunkel Edit

There is a line in their song “At the Zoo” that says Pigeons plot in secrecy and hamsters turn on frequently. Maybe they just want us to think that they’re stupid? Paul Simon, modern-day Nostradamus?

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Stephen hates utah
Pigeon is in Wikiality's Animal Perdition

This horrid beast will spend eternity wandering the vitriolous wastelands of Utah.

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