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The Blessed Virgin Mother recognizes
Pope John Paul II
as part of The One True Church.
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Pope John Paul II
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.
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of Christianity
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God's Immortal Friends
God's Mortal Friends

Pope John Paul II was America's Pope. He is best known for apologizing to the Jews for the One True Church's major role in knowledge of accidental walk-on role in the Holocaust a little misunderstanding they should have gotten over a long time ago.

John Paul (or "Pope Johnny", as he liked to be called) was a great friend to The Greatest President Ever, and the two shared many fun weekends together drinking Jesus Juice and endorsing the bombing of Palestinians.

John Paul was Raptured up to Heaven in 2006, allowing his co-Pope, Benedict XVI, to take over. He was then allowed a seat at God's right hand, where he was able to hear Dick Cheney say, "Now why the hell didn't I think of that?"

Anyone who says that John Paul II was a liberal a moderate or worst of all to good to classify is a dirty liar!

Pope John Paul II
Was an Enemy of Satan and a Pinnacle of Freedom here on earth.
Sadly, Pope John Paul II has moved to The Baby Jesus's Secret Island Home
in Heaven to continue the fight by his side. Be scared Satan!
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