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Also known as "the other white meat", pork can refer to a number of terms, although all of them involve someone getting screwed.

  1. verb: to pork - to take advantage of someone (i.e. your mother by my pulsating manhood)
  2. verb: to pork - to have sex with someone (i.e. some random woman at a bar, or your mother)
  3. noun: pork - the flesh of an even-toed ungulate (Artiodactyl); most notably pigs, giraffes, camels or whales
  4. noun: pork - money set aside to fund politicians' pet projects, mostly non-essential (i.e. the Richard B. Cheney Roller Rink and Pizza Fun Park located in Baculum, Wyoming, built at a cost of $42 billion in 2003)
  5. interjection: pork - an interjection common to Scandinavian culinary professionals (i.e. "Der hinga linga pork, pork, pork!")
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