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Sort of like a Prime Minister, except obviously more awesome.

Types of PresidentEdit

There are really only two types of President, Great or The Greatest.

Currently, America is enjoying the authority of The Greatest President: George W. Bush. Until we get the next The Greatest President: President Colbert. If anyone says that the current President is Barrack Obama, they're anti-American liberal hippies and are just fooling themselves.

Things Only A President Can DoEdit

What Presidential Authority AllowsEdit

Liberal HateEdit

Liberals have only recently suggested a test which only American presidents must pass. Like anyone would use their standards for Our President.

How to Become PresidentEdit

The internet abounds with information as to how to become President. You can consult wikiHow for a good article about how to become class president, but if you want to know how to become POTUS, you will need to consult something more along the lines of wikiHowl, the How-To Manual YOU Can Laugh At.

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