is a patriotic adjective that describes The Greatest American Ever
and his award-winning news program, "The Colbert Report"



Purple-MountedEpisode #543 is the patriotic adjective that describes not only America's Greatest American, but his award-winning news program, "The Colbert Report" as well.

Possible OriginsEdit

  • Purple-Mounted may be a reference to Stephen Colbert's World of Warcraft character, a game he has previously acknowledged playing on his show (see World_of_Warcraft). In the game, equipment is rated both numerically as well as by icon color, with purple colored items being amongst the highest (epic) quality items. In World of Warcraft, it is possible to obtain a ridable mount, such as a horse or gryphon. In all truthiness, obtaining an epic mount makes one "Purple-Mounted".

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