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RationalWiki is a wiki that bravely fights against the The Glorious Stalinist Republic of Konservapediya.

RationalWiki is an open source webtube where the humor impared attempt to be funny. What they write consistently gets ranked high by Google which just shows how impaired they are. See Andrew Schlafly. No wait a moment that was a serious article. Here’s the funny one on Andrew Layton Schlafly Because they're too funny too serious, many of the editors are from Wikip*dia , and most of them have got their asses banned from Conservapedia. As deceitful liberals all they could think of to do in retaliation was to make their own Wiki for mocking Conservapedia. Seriously. Who does that?

What RationalWiki deceitfully say about themselves!

The Craziest F--king Things I’ve Ever Heard: RationalWiki Edit

According to RationalWiki, the following is true:

On Conservapedia...

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Conservapedia is the latest public manifestation of how the American fundamentalist Christian right "thinks". It is a wiki-based attempt to build a heavily biased encyclopedia.
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~ OurTroopsAreUneducated8206

On Freedom...

Flag commie quote open the state of not having one's actions, words, or thoughts restricted or compelled by external factors.
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~ MarriedToMyDog69

On Yiffing...

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~ WhitePeopleRock88

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