Ray Comfort
is an American Man of God!!!
Ray Comfort
is a Truthiness Crusader!
Despite what you may have heard
Ray Comfort
Is totally not gay!

The banana, among other things, is the perfect shape for the human mouth.


The Ambiguously Gay Duo. Note the position of Kirk's hand.

Gay Comfort is the porn name stage name used by the leader of The Way of the Master ministry. He is an Evangelical Christian waiting for the Rapture. He is best known for the video made for his ministry demonstrating how Kirk Cameron's banana is the atheist's worst nightmare due to its far too perfect to be true design.

Online Sex VideoEdit

A homoerotic sex video featuring Comfort (using his gay porn name) and Kirk Cameron was leaked onto YouTube. The video involves the two men outdoors and prominently features a banana. Comfort marvels at how well the banana fits into his hand and mouth but is disappointed that the contents don't squirt in his face. The video is entitled "The Atheist's Nightmare" because it is impossible to watch it without having nightmares and/or losing faith in God.

Kirk Cameron Nightmare

Kirk Cameron Nightmare

After The Banana VideoEdit


Stephen believes in God, too!

Ray has since expanded his banana argument, finding new ways to prove the beauty of God's design. His new favorite example is the blowjob (See Shepard Smith). The human penis is the perfect shape for Ray's hand and mouth. And much to his delight, the contents do squirt into his face.

Ray's Other Direct To Video Instructional TapesEdit

  • Outdoors With Kirk II: Electric Boogaloo
  • Other Fruits
  • Hands Are For Ripening, Mouths Are For Swallowing

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