Ricky Bobby/Shake & Bake
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Ricky Bobby/Shake & Bake
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Shake & Bake is the nickname of Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby. Cal is the Shake, while Ricky is the Bake. Saying "Shake & Bake" fires Cal up, because "it rhymes, they're both's awesome!". Only true Americans such as Cal and Ricky understand the true power of Shake & Bake. Shake & Bake is hated by Jean Girard, because he is a gay, French, "Formula Un"-loving pussy. Girard believes that the nickname is "nonsense". Fuck him.

Quotes about Shake & Bake

  • Cal: Now, we've got somethin' to say to all the other drivers out there. If you smell a delicious, crispy smell after the race, it's not your tailpipe, it's a little bit of...Shake...
  • Ricky: And then...Bake!
  • Ricky & Cal: Shake and Bake!
  • Ricky: That's our nickname!
  • Cal: Get used to hearin' it!
  • It makes no sense! This "Shake & Bake", it's nonsense! - Jean Girard
  • Cal: I got a message for all of them, ready? Shake...and Bake!
  • Ricky: What does that do, does that blow your mind? That just happened!
  • Shake it! Before ya Bake it! - Cal Naughton, Jr.