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Corddry on The Daily Show

Rob Corddry, sometimes credited As Robert Corddry and The-Less-Funny-Stephen-Colbert, is the star of many box-office smashes including "Banal to the Bone: Portrait of an Artist" and "Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story."

Corddry is well known for being a former correspondent on The Daily Show, and Stephen Colbert's replacement in the This Week In God segments. Corddry was not capable of creating the proper sound effects for the God machine, and so the show has continued to use the amazing sound effects produced by Stephen Colbert

Rob Corddry is also known for being the older brother of Nathan Corddry, who you may remember from Guiding Light episode #1.14113.

Corddry's unique forehead patterns indicate he is a member of the "newcomer" race seen in the film Alien Nation.

Corddry starred in a TV show called "The Winner." Too bad he isn't one in real life, and true to that fact, "The Winner" was cancelled after only six episodes. Sucks for him!

He is also known to have had sex with Nancy Grace, back when that actually meant something...

The Winner Edit

The Winner is an autobiographical tv show about Rob Corddry's life prior to playing second fiddle to Stephen Colbert on the Daily Show. It seems that everyone has ridden Stephen's coattails to their own prime time television shows. Colbert would have his own prime time show but the truth can only be spoken after prime time.

Unlicensed Medical DoctorEdit

Rob Corddy was last heard from to be practicing unlicensed medicine in Mexico.[1]



Corddry's teeth

"Remember, kids, when operating electric equipment outdoors, it's important to keep your cord dry."

"Colbert has a rippling stiffness; a harsh rigidity that is as off-putting as it is rigorously sexual. He's an onion-skin of a human being stretched over a profound black abyss and that's the buzz I'm always looking for."[2]

This interview is also notable because, when asked what was on his iPod, Corddry sent his inquisitor an email listing all 10,000 songs on his iPod, which the interviewer failed to include in his piece.

Deseret Morning News: A lot of young Americans get their news from The Daily Show.
Corddry: "Only fair ... I get most of my comedy from Fox News."

"After my audition somebody called me up and said they needed a guy who knows nothing about politics but is really into boob jokes so I was hired."[3]


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