A mythical city thought to exist in southern California, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Translated, "San Diego" means "a whale's vagina." The city has remained classy for decades.

The most anyone knows is that its congressional district, which will remain nameless, in fact has never even existed.

Although California is commonly referred to as the Mecca for liberals and homosexuals (because people from Mecca also hate Americans and are gay), San Diego has become a refuge for Californians persecuted for having morals. San Diegans consistently vote for Republicans in national elections but their efforts are futile due to election rigging by the Gay Bears Liberation Army headquartered in The People's Republic of San Francisco.

Inspired by Stephen Colbert, the San Diego Wild Animal Park and San Diego Zoo have collaborated to initiate a massive elephant breeding program. This was largely responsible for tripling the size of the African Elephant population over the last six months. The program also breeds American elephants which are used to defend San Diego from the relentless invasion of donkeys from the north.

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