The San Francisco Zoo is located in The People's Republic of San Francisco and maintains the world's largest collection of gay animals.

They hold daily parades for the animals, so that they can show off their costumes. The fish swim naked as do the penguins and other sea creatures. Only the male lions have long, luxurious hair, the females on the other hand, keep their hair cut short and do all the Hard Work.

For the uninitiated, The San Francisco Zoo is a strange and some say, upside-down place.

Westboro Baptist Church has declared the Zoo off-limits to all Christians.

The Zoo's "Gift" to StephenEdit

The Zoo tried to trick Stephen into accepting their lifestyle by giving him an eagle. Stephen, being The Great American that he is, accepted the "gift" and adapted to his new life as a father. When Stephen Junior began to exhibit characteristics of a normal eagle (obviously taking after his father) the Zoo whisked Stephen Jr. off to some remote and hostile "reservation" to indoctrinate the little American into their lifestyle.

The Rescue MissionEdit

Stephen acted quickly to assemble a crack team to free Stephen Jr. from the clutches of the Zoo-a-nistas:

The last anyone has heard from the team was that Bobby and Ric followed a lead in Las Vegas, and Killer had to return to HQ for some important demolition work.

UpdatesEdit will work hard to make sure any news of Stephen Jr.'s status is relayed as quickly as possible to the Heroes.

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