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Mahmoud Ahmedi-Satireyness-nejad is a terrorist.
It's too late to pray for Satireyness!
Satireyness is doomed!

Satire is, according to Filliam H. Muffman, "when somebody says something they absolutely mean and believe."

Or, it might be "Demonstrating an opposite opinion or behavior for comedic effect."

Because it is commonly practiced by satirists (who may be working with satanists), satire is dangerously biased.

Some people believe that any comedy that is not fair and balanced, which satire is not will cause a rip in the delicate fabric of America's virtue.

Is Satire?

Let's ask Senator Ted Stevens, shall we?

Senator Stevens, is satire?

No, SenTedStevens.jpg No! SenTedStevens.jpg NO!!! SenTedStevens.jpg

There you have it, from no less an authority than a senior senator. We also have the authority of Stephen. In Colbertians 10:34-37, The verse says:

"Think not I come to send funniness on earth. I came not to send funniness, but a sword. For I come to set Daily Show watchers at variance with heroes. He that loveth Jon Stewart more than me is not a hero. And he that taketh not his cross of truthiness and come after me, is not worthy Truthiness Crusadering."

People who say differently are thinking with their head and not feeling with their gut. Stop looking past the surface!!

Nothing’s there.

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