Scott Walker is a reknowned Tea Bagger
and won't stop tea bagging
until all Americans are Tea Bagging together!
Emperor Scott Walker
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In thirty minutes, 18 State Senators undid fifty years of civil rights in Wisconsin.
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~ State Sen. Mark Miller (D)

Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin and a patriotic Tea Bagger.

Recently Gov. Walker is fighting against evil unions and the Green Bay Packers to rescue America from Socialism and the evils of redistribution of wealth.

Wisconsin Land of SocialismEdit


As you can see Scott Walker is still way more popular than you posers.

There is just too much socialism in Wisconsin, one may think there is no hope for these poor bastards. Its evil, folks, pure socialist evil... only the free market can save Wisconsin's soul.

Governor Scott Walker promises he wont stop until socialism is dead, even if it cost his governorship or bankrupts the State. He also declared that once he had crushed those commies he will take his deserved reward and vacation a little bit in California with some friends. Even the police wants to congratulate him on his awesome plan to stop communism. Governor Walker, congrats on your success! You deserve it!

End of SocialismEdit

Good news! Emperor Walker has just made Unions illegal! Congratulation Mr. Walker... or should I say President Walker for 2012?

Law & OrderEdit

"I am the law" ~ Emperor Scott Walker

It is difficult to enforce imperial law on the land of socialism, but luckily Scott Walker can rely on his personal Praetorian Guard to enforce his will.

Free Market InternetEdit

Emperor Walker passed a law that ends Socialist Internet, freeing the people from the shackles of communist tyranny!

Return of Slavery Free Labor!Edit

Emperor Scott has found a new way to save money to the tax payers, slave labor free labor!


There is no more Wisconsin, only Fitzwalkerstan, so says Emperor Scott Walker.

NFL Vs Union RefereesEdit

Scott Walker supports NFL owners fight against union thugs!

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Protesting Walker in Beloit 7-18-11

Protesting Walker in Beloit 7-18-11

Scott Walker: The people love me. They would die for me!
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