Sea Lions
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Sea Lion

Sea lions are basically giant eagles without wings, and they have flippers and fur, who swim in the water instead of fly in the sky. Sea lions are in danger of being wiped off planet Earth under the "Endangered Salmon-Predation Act", which is an act that is proposed by Washington's 3rd District Representative Brian Baird, a democrat.

The "Endangered Salmon-Predation Act" was apparently conjured up by Baird while he was high on methamphetamine.

Relatives Edit

Sea lions are related to fur seals, manatees, mermaids, and eagles.

Predators Edit


"Eat lead you salmon eating rodent!"

Sea lions are constantly under attack by brutal killing machines, those include but are not limited to: killer whales, great white sharks, bears (no creature is safe), and Brian Baird.

Liberals are also hunting sea lions to further their alliance with bears. They then offer the dead sea lions to bears as a bargaining chip in their deals that further pain The Baby Jesus.

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