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Godless Killing Machines
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Bears of the Sea

Sharks are the Bears of the SEA. They are Aquatic Godless Killing Machines.

A shark in the midst of quenching its blood thirst.

Shark Plans

Sharks invading the Homeland

Sharks have conspired with our enemies in the past, and will again in the future. Since 911 sharks have become brasen, even launching airborne assaults in broad day light. This photo(left) was taken at the scene of an assassination, where the vice president of a New England Shark Fin Soup Company was viciously consumed from above whilst crouching on his crapper. The shark devoured all but the buttocks, leaving only two soiled lumps of fat for the family to bury. Such acts of Domestic terrorism have been linked to the north american shark insurgency, which sponsers shark related violence in US national waters. Unfortunately liberals, scientists, and wussies are conspiring with the sharks. They provide protection for these murderous beasts through the endangered species act, Discovery Channel, and gun control laws. This is why every American should own a water proof gun.(Preferably several, its always good to carry a back up or two and you never know when the wussies might make them illegal.)

BearShark Hybrids

It is rumored that the finest Scientists the Bears and Sharks could muster joined forces to create Amphbious Godless Killing Machines known as BearSharks. These Hybrids are capable of killing in a godless fashion any where on land or sea. It is furhter rumored that said scientists are working to pervert Eagle DNA to give the Bears the powers of flight This CANNOT be allowed to happen.

Known Predators

Exploits of Famous Sharks

  • Jaws 1-3 + Jaws' Revenge
  • The Hustler
  • The Sting
  • Microsoft Anything
  • The Merchant of Venice

Famous Shark Exploits

Exploitation of Famous Sharks

All You Need To Know

Sharks are attacking our Troops!

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