Shelves of Honor
is an essential component of
The Colbert Report studio atop the Statue of Liberty

"Oh, hi! I didn't see you there." The Shelves of Honor are a featured area of The Eagle's Nest, where Stephen places items that serve as reminders of wonderfully American times. At the end of some episodes, Dr. Colbert places an object on one of his bookshelves to commemorate an especially noteworthy event.

Viewers are encouraged to create a similar shrine in their homes or places of business to immortalize Dr. Colbert.

Items on The Shelves of HonorEdit

  • Video iPod
  • Ski boots and plane tickets
  • Boat motor


Items Removed from The Shelves of HonorEdit

Bookshelf Of Broken DreamsEdit

One of the shelves is reserved for mementos of Supreme Court hopefuls who faded into the night.


The many books on the Shelves are divided into "fiction" and "non-fiction" sections. Watership Down and the Bible along with "Atlas Srugged" are just some of the tomes in the "non-fiction" section, while Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor and Red Rabbit along with On the Origin of Species and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female and many others are in the "fiction" section. A copy of Elie Wiesel's Night is duct-taped between the fiction and non-fiction sections.

Special ItemsEdit

  • Colbert also raised his Saginaw Spirit # 1 jerseyEpisode #277 to the rafters of his TV studio, as he was undefeated and on top of his game, in a ceremony celebrating all he had given to the great sport of hockey.

References Edit

  1. These items were only on camera a few moments to allow Colbert to count them as tax-deductible work expenses; they were then removed from the shelf.
  2. He rented these DVDs but never returned them. He promptly removed both after being reminded by himself that he would forget them if he left them there.
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