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Socialized Medicine
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This is an article about the Socialistic form of health care. For the American form, click here
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Get them Big Bad Ol' Gooberment hands offa' ma' Medicare!!!!!
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~ Real American Senior


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Socialized Medicine or "Medicare" (sometimes cleverly disguised as "universal health care") is a way to force regular Americans to coddle Poor People who didn't work hard enough to stay alive.

How Socialized Medicine Is Supposed To Work

SiCKO Ronald Reagan On the Evils of Socialized Medicine

SiCKO Ronald Reagan On the Evils of Socialized Medicine

Socialize Medicine will destroy America!!

In communist countries, the wealthy are forced to pay taxes for health care to pay for people who are too lazy and stupid to buy their own healthcare. "Universal Healthcare" is in reality a mass conspiracy started by Hitler, Satan and Hillary Clinton to oppress Americans. If everyone is forced to get health care, sooner or later the country will be overrun by lazy, poor people who in a more Darwinian society would die young and as a result be unable to vote. These people will thus survive childhood and grow up to vote for Democrats, have more kids, vote for more Democrats, have more kids and the process repeats for infinity. Soon, society is solely made up of pot-smoking, Democrat-voting Commies.

How Socialized Medicine Actually Works


Obamacare: Using hippie traditional jungle medicine

Like the cult it is based on, socialized medicine has some basic "pillars" on which it foists it's lies on innocent Americans: regulation, mandates, subsidies and competition.

In this section, we will discuss the Islamic Pillars of Socialized Medicine.



Socialized medicine works by rationing health care. Rich people in Socialist countries like San Francisco routinely travel to America for the privilege of paying for health care and actually receiving care before they are too dead to enjoy it. Socialized nations cannot even keep enough isotopes in stock to diagnose diseases like cancer. You don't see America running out of bombs, now, do you?

In socialized countries people die on the streets, their last words being "I wish I were an American, where at least I know I'd be free".

In France, for example, over half a million people died last year, many from Age Poisoning. This is proof that universal health care is a sham which kills everything it touches.


Liberals claim that Americans spend more on health care than socialized countries spend - but American health care expenditures include health care spending by wealthy foreigners who come to America for democratized medicine.

Socialized medicine proponents claim that Americans have less good health than socialists enjoy. Partly, that is because socialists ration medical care, causing many people to die from diseases that would be treated in America. It's a well-known fact: dead people rarely get sick. Also, Americans expect their insurance companies to cover - and their doctors to provide - miracle hail-Mary treatments with low odds of success. Live, sick people get sick a lot.


Partly, America's high cost/low-success health care occurs because being an American is stressful. Consider:

1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

Noam Chomsky on Health Care--Why has reform taken so LONG

Noam Chomsky on Health Care--Why has reform taken so LONG

Socialize Medicine is destroying America’s economy!!!

5. The Germans drink a lot of beers and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

CONCLUSION: Socialized medicine works because they use it on people who are not Americans.

Obama talks about Obamacare

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL Preview Wendell Potter pt 2 PBS

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL Preview Wendell Potter pt 2 PBS

President Obama Holds Online Town Hall on Health Reform

President Obama Holds Online Town Hall on Health Reform

The Lies about Socialized Medicine! Even his Socialized Medicine Speech has a long waiting time!

Obamacare and the Bear Connection


For the price of a Loli you will get Free Health Care!

What Obamacare brings to America

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Death Programs
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Socialized Muerte CEO

Lets be realistic, Obama has no plan, he is just making it up as he go. Which is why we suspect that if Obamacare passes it will destroy America for good...

  • To be approved for Medical Care you must be converted into mooslianity.
  • War Veterns will be forced to commit suicide government mandate.
  • Obamacare will use a time machine to make sure that the born will become unborn and then aborted for good!
  • Obamacare not only will bankrupt America but it will also hurt the Super Rich Entrepreneurial Americans.

America has spoken, they dont want Obamacare. Instead they want the hippies to "slow" and think it over... Why the "rush" anyway? We have plenty of time to deal with this...

Emergency Update: Obamacare is actually Afrikan Voodoo Witchcraft!!!

Thanks to our Heroes we were able to learn that Obama is practicing afrikan witchcraft to Zombiefy our Real American citizends who died at the result of Obama's Death Panels. This means one thing... he is building a Zombie Army!!!!

Co-Ops: Socialized Medicine, Jr.

According with sources if Obamacare fails to pass the hippie liburals would try instead a Co-op Plan. According with the hippies Co-ops are a more watered and powerless version of their Health Reform, but those are lies! It is a Trojan Horse that would bring Socialized Medicine!

Where Socialized Medicine Is Forced Upon The People

Video Game Health Care Bill

Video Game Health Care Bill

Obama's Game Over Panels

(You can run but you can't hide)

You can read their plead for help in this global board

International Update:

  • We received news that the once ignorant commie masses of England learned of the "free market alternative" for their Health Care, they started to demanded more "free market" options. We did it! England will adopt America's Health Care System, because we have The Greatest Health Care in the world!
  • The Make-Believe Afrikan Nation of Rwanda is so poor and desperate that they have fallen under the misguided belief of Socialized Medicine...

The Truth Behind The Lies About Government-Run, Communist-Rationed, Anti-Free-Market Health Systems

Zach Braff & Donald Faison Demand Health Care

Zach Braff & Donald Faison Demand Health Care

A Real Doctor… wait the black one is a doctor too? These two Real Doctors advises America’s Youth to get Real American Medicine. Not the Socialize One…

Taxes Are High Where Socialized Medicine Is Forced On Citizens

  • True Canadians pay 5,000 times more in taxes than Americans do (and their money is not worth half as much!)

Socialized Medicine Is More Bureaucracy

Countries With Socialized Medicine Pay More For Everything!

  • True Americans pay less because the corporations who own the rights to all the procedures and patents on medicines give Americans discounts for being patriotic! In France, they have to pay an import levy to use American inventions

In Communist Countries The Government Decides Who Gets Care And Who Doesn't

There Are Longer Waits For Socialized Medicine

  • True Communist-Socialist regimes make everyone wait at every stage of the bureaucracy. There is even a wait to get the paperwork!

Canadians And Mexicans Are Forced To Pay For American-Style Medicine

Under Communism, The Government Runs Everything

There Are Never Enough Doctors In Communist Countries

  • True Everyone American schoolkid knows the truth about Russia an what they did to doctors (they sent them to a labor camp in Siberia) to restrict who can be healthy to loyal members of the Party!

Democrat Bear-loving Hippies Blue Dogs who have been bought seen the light!

Un-American Traitors

Victims of Socialized Medicine

Most Children Not In Favor Of Child Healthcare

Most Children Not In Favor Of Child Healthcare

100% of Children against Universal Healthcare and Needles

Some people have become addicted to socialized medicine and now they cannot turn back to the free market! It is too late for them!

Some of our citizens have become criminals because of Socialized Medicine!

Emergency News


Silly liburals, everyone knows that the GOP repealed Obamacare

Socialized Medicine is almost dead but not over! According with sources the bill has passed and will destroy America's Best Health Care forever!

Emergency News

Due to recent events America is now under the heels of Socialized Medicine, Death Panels will run rampant and many Real Americans will suffer under the dictatorship of Obamacare... Where did we go wrong?? How could have this happened???!

Obama's New Age of Communist Health Care

We have a special file that includes the steps that Obama took to take over our privatized health care and turn it into a State run hospital. Most of the steps includes brainwashing and Death Panels to get what he wanted...

The End of Socialized Medicine

We just received news that the American people are sick of Socialized Medicine and the GOP are listening to the will of the people!

Real Americans celebrated on the streets when they heard news that Obamacare was repealed! Another victory for the GOP!

Super Emergency News:

Socialized Medicine has already corrupted the minds of many Americans already, unless something is done quickly, it will be too late to repeal Obamacare!

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"Socialized Medicine is the next step for Totaliarism"
~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost

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Obamacare: Now accepted in all 52nd States

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