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Judge Sotomayor during a break during an especially difficult case.

Sonia Sotomayor is an activist judge from the block.

Her Ethnic HeritageEdit


Lupe during her housekeeper's phase

She is of "nuyorican" ethnicity and permits her cuisine to influence her decisions. Her family is Japanese in ancestry, descending from the Sotomayor family. Many think that she may be part of a Japanese plot to usurp our justice system[1].

Her East Coast ElitismEdit

Her Judicial ActivismEdit

  • she requires all defendants to do a smooth and sexy latin dance before their deposition-- even those with two left feet.

Her Ascendancy To America's Supremest CourtEdit

Sotomayor is a secret racist!!!!

In May, 2009, President Hussein Obama nominated her to replace retiring white Connecticut male, David Souter.

Her ties to Terrorist OrganizationsEdit

Activist Judge Illegal Latina Racist and now Terrorist? Shocking…

Her Links To Power LesbiansEdit

  • It has been rumored that she has had several trysts with well known power lesbians:
  1. Seen eating raw clam with Gloria Allred and Andrea Dworkin at Fisherman's Wharf in Gay Bay, CA.
  2. Attended The Dinah Shore Golf Classic in Palm Springs with Billy Jean King.
  3. Reported seen entering the Griffith Park residence of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi for their annual "Sunbathing Naked On The Isle Of Lesbos Clambake And Bacchanalia."
  4. Lifetime member of NOW.
  5. Reported to be only able to achieve climax while listening to NPR.


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