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Sourciness was a Featured Word on 2/23/08.
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Sourciness (n.) Research from the Gut

Sourciness is the righteous opponent to the evil idea that capable sources themselves should be consulted to find factual truth. This is sometimes known as research, and is completely wrong and 100% not sourcy.

The liberal media and other commie groups go straight to the source to verify their positions, while what feels right is ignored or swept under the proverbial rug .

They follow such foolish ideas as visiting a candidate's home page to find out what they believe in, refering to CBO scores for policy proposals, or trusting empirical studies. The gut clearly dictates that these are exactly comparable to consulting a book or watching one of the dark side's so-called documentaries. It has been decided by gut consensus that discounting something "untrue," because of despite its high volume of truthiness or wikiality, is on par with voting for Hillary and mandating abortion on the Scale of Un-Americanness.


If one wants to learn about any evil political party or organization, they should always (and only) visit Fox News, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal, or, if they want to know the Truth, they should ask the Honorable Dr. Colbert.

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