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South America is the Mexico of North America. It is a continent. It is the least important of the two American continents and is kind of shaped like a scraggly beard. It is widely accepted that South America is not aerodynamic, and it is also widely accepted that it is solely for this reason that North America has not launched it into outer space.

Among the countries that are in South America are:

As anyone can plainly see, most South American nations are leftist, socialist, anarchist messes that make human civilization look bad. South America is also greedy and they think that they own Central America, too. The United States, arbiter of everything in the world, is happy to let them take Central America, which is also largely comprised of leftist, socialist, anarchist messes (plus a canal).

Central American contributions to the country list of South America are as follows:

Cuba and a few other America-hating islands are also sometimes considered to be part of Central America, but Cuba is the only one of any real significance whatsoever. Some people also think that Mexico is part of Central America. If that is so, then it would be a mixed blessing, because Mexico would be officially South American and thus no longer the responsibility of North America (the forty-year-old mentally challenged dropout still living in his mother's basement), but it would also mean that the great nation of the U.S.A. would share a border with South America, bringing its dangerous leftist corruption that much closer to the American heartland. If that happens, sure we can hide up in Canada, but we will have to do some extra work to keep us safe from the bears and liberals. (well, maybe we can send the Canadian bears to China so that the bears could drop the population there!!)

South America is also home to French Guiana, which is basically France's only remaining colonial possession. France is still hanging onto their little colony in the rainforest surrounded by quasi-Communists on all sides. Typical French.

South America is also known for its guerrillas (some kind of monkey)that often overthrow the puny governments VIVA REVOLUTION (what ever that means).

South America TriviaEdit

  • South America is home to the world's largest population of narcoterrorists.
  • The U.S. dollar is the official currency of Ecuador. Cocaine is the official currency of pretty much the rest of South America.
  • If South America is a beard, the world really needs to shave.
  • Everything that North America doesn't want goes down south to South America, even weirdo animals ie. anteaters, armadillos, sloths, coatis, and kinkajus
  • In South America, they do not have telvision, only telemundo.
  • Mucha de la gente suraméricana habla el español - qué raro!
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