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South Korea
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We would but the North has the Nukes!
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South Korea
EPbl Korea Flag Sm
Capitol: Seoul
Official Flower: Hibiscus syriacus
Official Language: Foreign
Official Bird: We have a bird???
Motto: Benefit all humankind
Common Name: The one with the food
Leader: Lee Myung-bak, The Glorious President Ever!!!
Official Anthem: Aegukga "The Patriotic Song." (Really, that’s the name!)
Population: More than North Korea
Currency: The Won. (Really, that’s what we call it)
Principal imports: Mad Cow disease beef American Super Beef!!, Starcraft
Principal exports: Hot Asian Chicks, bulgogi, kimchi
Principal industries: Starcraft Gamers, Hyundai, Samsung, Nexon
Fun Fact # 1: North Korea is a poopoo head!!
Fun Fact # 2: We hate cordially dislike the Japanese
Fun Fact # 3: We Love The USA!!!
Fun Fact # 4: Korea is shaped like a bunny.

South Korea is a country in Asia that is basically Asia's Mexico that's the North you idiot! Asia's Canada. It is constantly locked in a dispute with its eviller, most Communist twin North Korea who is a turd head. The foreign minister of this nation, Ban Ki-moon, is set to succeed Kofi Annan (a.k.a. Captain Worthless) as Secretary-General of the United Nations at the beginning of the year 2007. Hopefully Jesus will come before Secretary-General Ban proves himself to be as pathetic and inept as his Saddam-loving predecessor, and the Rapture will spare the world further inaction under the United Nations the same way it spared Rick Santorum the boredom of being amazing during the counting of ballots from the 2006 midterm elections in the only country that matters: the United States.

Well, this article is about a different country, and one that doesn't really matter, so the focus of this piece is thus turned back to South Korea and its affairs.

...Okay, we're done.

The Korean WarEdit

Sometime in the 1950's the people of Korea wanted to bask in the sweet sweet juices of freedom and capitalism, but some poo poo head wanted instead to worship the bears and practice the commie-hippie way of life. So the treacherous North Koreans invaded the South Koreans because they were jealous that sexy and cool America loved South Korea the most while the North Koreans only had crappy and ugly looking Soviet Russia. The treacherous North Koreans used bears on the war and the South Koreans told them that was cheating, but the poo poo heads said it wasn't cheating. So the Greatest Country in the Planet came to our rescue and beat the crap out of those bullies. Now we bask our lives with Mad Cow beef American Super beef, Rock and Roll, Starcraft, and American movies!

Politics of South KoreaEdit


See American man, we love your American beef! OK!

South Korea had over 3,674 presidents since last year because of corruption and bribery scandals they wanted to spend more time with their families. The Glorious President Ever of South Korea is Lee Myung-bak, who is The Greatest American President Ever BFF.

Is not true that South Koreans have an irrational fear of American beef, nor that the South Korean public is calling for its sale to be banned from their supermarkets. It is just a clear misunderstanding and there is no truth about Koreans eating dogs everyday, that is a North Korean lie! We just eat it once a year.


Religion of South KoreaEdit

JC and B

Jesus Christ Vs Buddha. There can only be One!!

South Korea has a large Christian population of about 30%, so we are working very hard to push away those damn balded-orange-wearing-toga-godless-karma-loving Buddhists and bring the word of The Baby Jesus to the rest of the South Korean heathens masses.

America's Asian FriendEdit

South Korea is America's Asian Nation Friend!! Contrary to liberal rumors, Japan is not a BFF of America!

Remember that time when Japan came one night and messed up Hawaii during a drunken night? What about the time Japan sold you those fuel efficient vehicles that destroyed the American Automobile Industry? Baby, I know we had some rough times. Like the time my people set the American flag on fire, it was just a misunderstanding... I promise you we will buy more Mad Cow disease beef American Super Beef, I am sorry baby that we hurt you... please call me...

Love, from your South Korean friend
The first step to cement our friendship with America is to learn English words like "Bitch", "Fuck", and "Asshole"

Starbucks/Mcdonald in South KoreaEdit

There are many Starbucks coffee shops and Mcdonald's in South Korea. Very nice !

The Gozer War of 1984Edit


The Asian Ghostbuster. He was the fifth Ghostbuster but they went with the black man instead (he was cheaper).

The Starcraft War of 1999Edit


With this army we can defeat North Korea!

South Korea's Technology and MilitaryEdit


I don’t know if to be proud or sad…

Life in South KoreaEdit

Korean madness

Korean madness

I will admit it… South Korean girls can be weird…

South Korea TriviaEdit


Typical Korean chick. Don’t look her into her eyes or you will loose yourself into their legendary Asian beauty

South korean protester

South Koreans form of protesting the loss of the 2006 World Cup. Thank God he wasn’t protesting against beef import!! I don’t wanna see that one…

  • Seoul (the seat of South Korean government) is constantly locked into a perpetual program of appeasement because North Korea will nuke it otherwise. Oh noes!
  • Koreans eat dogs and play StarCraft all day.
  • South Koreans are pussies who are afraid of making North Korea mad.
  • South Koreans love to protest but haven't learned the right way to do it [1], at least hippie bear-loving liberals do a better job at it.
  • A new robot is being developed in Seoul that will be capable of melting steel buildings with its laser vision. It is codenamed "Mechagodzilla" and is due to rrrrrrruuumble in the streets of Tokyo, Japan facing off against its counterpart Godzilla as early as winter 2008.
  • Robots are already taking over our Glorious Country!!!!

How To Tell South Korea From North KoreaEdit

Funtwo - Canon

Funtwo - Canon

All South Koreans are not just good at math; they also know how to shred!!
Android-korea-1 big

A Mechagodzilla prototype. They promised us they will make it much more taller in the future model.

  • They're the ones with food.
  • You know that kid that you know that is adopted from Asia? He is South Korean.

South Korean BeerEdit

You probably don’t know this, but if there is one thing that South Korea has not been able to master from our Western Masters Friends is beerSouth Korean beer tastes like piss and sweat, you would rather drink raw sewage than drink a South Korean beer! Meanwhile the North Korean beer tastes better, smoother, tastier, and richer... in other words a poor commie North Korea bested capitalist technologically democratic superior South Korea in matters of beer!! THE SHAME!!!

Hite pitcher1 281f6187

Our crappy South Korean beer…
Dear God, not only does it taste awful, we couldn’t even come up with a better bottle design???
...Is that a plastic bottle!?…

South Korean GovernmentEdit



If you are a South Korean thinking of going into politics, remember to bring your own weapon, those Parliamentary procedures could kill you!

A typical day in South Korea's politics

Emergency News: The 2010 Kimchi Crisis!!Edit


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