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A Wikiality Gut-Investigative Report
Two women go missing in two different cities in two different years on two different coasts. One woman is pregnant; the other is not. Neither woman knows each other. The only things they share is a common surname, extensive media attention and a first name that rhymes. reports on the Eerie Wikialities in the Stacy Peterson and Laci Peterson cases in this exclusive gut-investigative report.

Eerie WikialitiesEdit

Investigators with CBS2Chicago first documented Eerie Wikialities existing between LaciStacy Peterson featured below:

  • In the family way: Stacy Peterson had two children with her husband Drew when she was reported missing.
  • In the family way: Laci Peterson was eight months pregnant when she was killed on December 24, 2002.

  • Ironically: Stacy Peterson has a daughter named Lacey.
  • Ironically: Laci's best friend, since third grade, was a woman named Stacey (Boyers).

America Soon Takes NoticeEdit

America soon took notice of the eerie Wikialities between these two women:

  • Stacy Peterson was not elected to Congress in 1846.
  • Laci Peterson was not elected to Congress in 1946.

  • Stacy Peterson was not elected President in 1860.
  • Laci Peterson was not elected President in 1960.

  • Stacy Peterson lived in Chicago -- the city that almost cost Kennedy the election.
  • Laci Peterson lived in San Fransisco -- Lincoln was killed in 1864; San Fransisco was founded in 1776.

  • The surnames Peterson each contain seven letters.
  • Both women had husbands that used their Johnsons on more than one occasion.

More Eerie WikialitiesEdit

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Secretaries Edit

  • Stacy had a secretary named "Lincoln"
  • Laci drove a "Lincoln" to her job as a secretary
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