Massachusetts. See how it goes from being a nice geometric shape into a mess? Notice the hammer and sickle in the bottom right corner? You could probably make a prettier outline with your left hand. Your broken left hand.

A state is what our country is divided into, not unlike the individual slices of a wondrous American apple pie. Like slices of pie, they are not all equal in size and shape, because people aren't perfect. However, practice does make perfect, which is why the later states are more even shapes and the early states are all fucked-up.

Further, state is a place where Americans are born. It is of note that Washington DC is not a state and therefore, people born there are not Americans. All states belong to America. Sure, Mexico calls itself the United States of Mexico, but we all know it is full of people working for low wages in factories owned by American corporations to make goods for cheap. Oh, and lots of sombreros!

America has 52 States and still counting.

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