Officially, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business[2] and The Greatest Living American

Stephen Colbert
is a Truthiness Crusader!
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Stephen Colbert
is a member of the Bear Hunters of America.
Be Scared, Bears.
Stephen Colbert
is a Certified, Bonafide American Treasure™

Stephen Colbert
is Norris Free
Stephen Colbert
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Despite what you may have heard
Stephen Colbert
Is totally not racist!

This article is about Stephen Colbert the hero.
For the character he plays in interviews, see Stephen Colbert (character)

Our Glorious Thruthiness Leader

Stephen Colbert

The man,[1] the legend, the Greatest Living American: Dr. Stephen T. Colbert D.F.A., Executive Producer.

45th President of the United States
Taking Office: January 20, 2017
Succeeding: Barack Obama
Vice President: Mike Huckabee
See full article: 2016 Presidential Election
Host Of The Colbert Report
Time In Office: 2005-2014
Succeeded By: Vacant
Chuck Noblet From Strangers With Candy
Time In Office: 1999-2000; 2006
Succeeded by: Vacant
The Daily Show Correspondent
Time In Office: 1997–2005
Succeeded By: Rob Riggle
Born: May 13, 1964 (1964-05-13) (age 51)

Stephen Colbert is a lot like Jesus, isn't he... ISN'T HE!!

Dr. Colbert is an Emmy winner

Dr. Colbert is an experienced Jedi

Who's the leader of the mob that's made for you and me?

His Truthfully truthiness-ed Excellency The Most Honorable Rev. Fr. Professor SirEpisode #537 Dr. Stephen Tiberius "C-Train" Colbert, Esquire, D.F.A., SC, America's Newsman, Star Commander of the Order of Colbert, President and Chieftain of the Dúnedain, Greatest Living American, is a news reporter and anchor known for his romantic style, supergravitastic poise, Lincolnish intellect, extreme uber-hotness, mobile eyebrows, and witty delivery.

Best known for bringing truthiness to America's heroes through his eponymous[2] The Colbert Report and its lead-in program The Daily Show,[3] Dr. Colbert has fought the battle of hearts, minds and guts over here, so he doesn't have to fight it over there. His hard-hitting approach to infotainment leaves no stone unturned, no guest un-nailed. From the panoramic heights of The Eagle's Nest, Our Glorious Stephen takes on the secular progressives, the liberal media elite, the fat cats in Washington D.C., the people who don't watch his show, and other enemies of freedom. Although we should all call him by his proper name (21 words in all), we can all call him The Rt Hon. Prof. Sir Dr. S.T. Colbert, Esq.

In addition to his role as America's most trusted source of news, Dr. Colbert is a well-known wordsmith, whose inventions[4] include the award-winning terms wikiality and truthiness. His contributions to the American language are far too great to enumerate here, but the dictionary simply overflows with Colbert-coined words and phrases. Stephen's accomplishments in other fields are as just as great, and just as overflowing. This article barely begins to floweth over the cup of Dr. Colbert's amazing accomplishments in so many kinds of heroic action. "How does he do it all?" America must often wonder. The answer seems clear: Giant Brass Balls.

Stephen Colbert is not the only true American Citizen who cares for America - just the Greatest Living American you can watch on TV. That is, if you're heroic enough to watch.

Stephen Colbert is more American than apple pie. He is apple pie with a hot dog in it. Sexy!

Most recently, Colbert has been labeled as an illegal enemy combatant by a resolution in Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives.

Dr. Colbert revealed on his award-winning news program, The Colbert Report that he is a Libertarian, who believes the government should be small enough to be injected into Martin Short.Episode #404

Personal life

ATTENTION: This Page is for Real Americans™ ONLY
If you are not a Real American™, pack your bags and report to GITMO.
Hey Ma!
Pack your banjo and chewin' t'backer, we fixin' to enjoy us some
Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert is a Secret Republican.
But I'll Never Tell!

Stephen Colbert and his wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert at the 2006 Time 100, as covered on the blog Rocketboom.

Colbert was born May 13 (1 B.C.) in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina on James Island, where he grew up as the youngest of 311 children in a Catholic family. As a kid, his middle name was "Danger" and he loved fire and sharp things[5]. On September 11, 1974, when Colbert was ten years old, his father, James Colbert, the vice president for academic affairs at the Medical University of South Carolina, and his older brothers, Peter and Paul, were killed in the crash of Eastern Air Lines Flight 212 while it was attempting to land in Charlotte, North Carolina. They were reportedly en route to Connecticut to enroll the two boys in the Canterbury College. He is also 12% black but states that he doesn't see people in color but through an intense infered sight.

Shortly thereafter, Colbert's mother Lorna Colbert relocated the family downtown to the more urban environment of East Bay Street. By his own account, he found the transition difficult, and did not easily make new friends in his new neighborhood. Instead, he developed a love of science fiction and fantasy novels, and became an avid fan of the fantasy role-playing games, especially Dungeons & Dragons, a pastime to which he would later partially attribute his interest in acting and improvisation.

Colbert would do drugs, but said that the only thing keeping him from doing drugs is that they're illegal. He's against them for that very reason.

Mr. Colbert attended High School and was consistently late turning in his homework. Stephen is reported as coining the phrase "If God wanted me to do homework he would have made me illiterate, instead of the genius that I am." This prompted his immediate accelerated graduation and the first college freshman to be only seven years old.

Colbert attended Charleston's awful Episcopalian Porter-Gaud School. He attended Hampden-Sydney College before transferring to Northwestern University, where he took extensive journalism courses. While there, he became involved in the school television news program "A Moment for Truth". After college he went to work at local news affiliate KTRU, as a field reporter.

He is married to the Hot and Beautiful Evelyn McGee-Colbert, and has three children: Madeline, Peter, and John; all of whom appeared on The Daily Show during his tenure. However, even after his marriage, he continued his previous connections with NAMBLA and the North American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bald Eagles despite the wishes of his wife and family. He also has a bastard child due to an accident involving Stephen Colbert's Formula 401. This child is none other than Eric Cartman of the reality T.V. show South Park. Although not particularly political before joining The Daily Show, Colbert is a self-described Defender of Truth, and finds that supporting our president is the most effective way of protecting it.

Being a true American, he will only apologise if there is something in it for him, like an eagle guitar.

The Colbert Family and their new Dog Friend

Imaginary Childhood

Stephen Colbert: The Wonder Years
  • Dr. Colbert imagined he made a model Fort Sumpter out of butter for the State FairEpisode #428
  • growing up, Dr. Colbert was taught to say "sir" and/or "ma'am"; today he says, "Sir, you're an idiot."Episode #436
  • Dr. Colbert attended Prescott ElementaryEpisode #437
  • Dr. Colbert never wet his pants after having tater tots thrown at his head (during high school or otherwise)Episode #467
  • Stephen's Grandmother sold him a 1979 powder blue pinto for $1Episode #488

College Years

Photo school stephen colbert virgin.png

  • in the 1980's, Dr. Colbert changed his name to Corey so he could hang out with the Brat PackEpisode #448
  • Dr. Colbert spent 2 years under cover in the theater department to root out hippiesEpisode #456
  • an old trick Dr. Colbert learned during his modeling days: apply "Preparation H" to the eye lids to de-puffs them (he recommends you use a fresh tube)Episode #470


Dr. Colbert's favorite traveling companion is his pet goldfish, Anthrax.

Dr. Colbert also has a dog named "Gipper" who has become very obedient since The Good Doctor changed his expectations for him.

Also see Fantasia Minor and Starbeam

The Colbert Domesticity

  • The backyard wading pool has wi-fi.Episode #370
  • The kiddie pool is used to make paella.Episode #386
  • In the garage is his El Camino, which has been running since high schoolEpisode #395
  • Stephen divides the grocery store into "Cheese" and "Not Cheese"Episode #414
  • Dr. Colbert's car has an ejector seatEpisode #429
  • He has a caroler pit, from which he will save trapped carolers when he is feeling especially givingEpisode #488

Wealth and Manliness

<youtube width=300 height=200>zhG8wNfhXHY</youtube>
  • Dr. Colbert has a Lamborghini-hengeEpisode #432
  • Dr. Colbert always looks in the mirror and likes what he seesEpisode #436
  • Dr. Colbert's ring tone for his mother is the theme from "Sex in the City"Episode #437
  • Dr. Colbert's portfolio is thetan-freeEpisode #447
  • checks to see if he is experiencing "terror" by a roll of the polyhedral dieEpisode #447
  • only two things make him gag:
  • when driving, Dr. Colbert drinks coffee with one hand, Blackberrys with the other and you don't want to know what he shifts gears with!Episode #453
  • his shoes are made of vealEpisode #465, making it easy for him to eat them should the need arise following an economic downturn
  • Dr. Colbert doesn't cry; he has a medical condition where water keeps falling out of his eyes. There is no cureEpisode #470


Travel Habits

  • When traveling from New York to Boston, Dr. Colbert goes south via the pole route. Due to a brief slow down in the economy, Dr. Colbert had to head north instead.Episode #432

Traditions & Loyalties

  • always does things in the same manner he did them as the first time he did them; always eats bananas mushed in a cupEpisode #579

Fallback Jobs

Stephen Colbert ready to blast those Mooninites

Future Events

2020 Stephen's Korean album will go platinum, causing a chain of events leading to his discovery and invention of life sustaining articles such as the cryostasis chamber and his "eagle pills". Side effects may include: instant awesomeness, unrivaled gratitude and in some cases, though rare, an erection lasting more than 4 days.

On January 20, 2017, Dr. Colbert will be inaugurated into the United States Presidential Office, as he is obviously the only person who has the balls to run a nation as wonderful, awesome and truthy as The United States. His campaign will have won him support. Stephen will be the first president ever to win through write-in ballots.


  • Peabody Award: "I proudly accept this award and begrudgingly forgive the Peabody Committee for taking three years to recognize greatness" - 4-2-2008.
  • Über-Balled hero awards (Übie): “To Our Über-Balled Hero: Because an army of devoted Fangirls is WAY better than an Emmy – 5 YRS 10-17-2010″[3]
  • The Colbert Nation Five Year of Excellence Award: "The first four years it was won by Jon Stewart. F*ck you, buddy." - 10-25-2010.

Gifts To America & Her Heroes

Stephen Colbert
has been seen wearing a Wriststrong Bracelet!
Keep Strong, Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert salutes America!

Charitable Contributions


Stephen Colbert
was the -1st President of the United States of America
Party: Truthiness   Term of Office: Birth - NEVER!!!

Stephen using his Heat Vision.

  • Stephen made the gold market go up with his mind.
  • After the death of Captain America, a concerned colleague of the late superhero delivered his shield to Stephen Colbert, recognising him as the only person left alive who was worthy of wielding it.
  • Stephen has the power of Heat Vision. He uses it to light fires in his fireplace.
  • Stephen recently discovered that he is a Jew, and since then has been able to control the liberal media with his mind.
  • Able to keep a hacky-sack on the air for eternity
  • Due to an immunity to hot stoves, Dr. Colbert has no fingerprintsEpisode #315
  • Can't see race. For all he knows, he's black and/or purple.
  • Stephen doesn't see the color of matter; he is unable to see dark matterEpisode #416
  • He has all the skill of a master Jedi
  • He is capable of killing Jesus. For our sins, of course.
  • When extremely angry he transforms into The Rampaging Colbert
  • Speaks fluent MandarinEpisode #360
  • Eats an entire Apple Pie every day, while eating baseballEpisode #360
  • He is also a sex god
  • Stephen's gang colors: red, white and blueEpisode #366
  • Stephen has received the official Nod of God.
  • Stephen learned conversational Dutch after a laser accident during a concertEpisode #388
  • Stephen is able to square-dance while selling foreign oil in order to maintain the American ideal.
  • Stephen can use a stick to get termites out of The C-DeskEpisode #468

Stephen Colbert is Captain Freedumb!

Musical Prowess

The Man oozes talent!

It is generally acknowledged that Stephen Colbert is one of the most influential pundit musicians of all time. He can play guitar very well, having served as the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for noted New Wave sensation Stephen and the Colberts, and his singing voice can charm angels down from Heaven with its sweet purity. He is also the greatest known bassoonist in the world and has regular bassoon-offs with Tad, the building manager for "The Colbert Report". Dr. Colbert is also a better pianist than Condoleezza Rice.

Another musical passion that Dr. Colbert has is for the saxophone. His celebrated film, Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration, showed off his incredible saxophone prowess and endeared him to Steely Dan forever.

Colbert can also play the guitar part to Jethro Tull's "Aqualung" on the flute, which demonstrates exceptional skill.

Although he considers himself a pundit musician and singer foremost, Stephen Colbert is also widely regarded as the greatest newsman dancer - EVER! With grudging admiration (and alliteration), Dan Rather once called Stephen "the Baryshnikov of Braggadocio," while Papa Bear O'Reilly frequently refers to Stephen's "lithe, graceful, can I get a piece of that?" dancer's physique.

Stephen "Reign" Colbert is also an up-and-coming Korean R&B sensation. His hit song He's Singin' In Korean shows just how much more talent he has compared to his un-American arch-nemesis, Rain.

Athletic Prowess


Dr. Colbert received a Doctorate of Facty Arts from Steal This Bible College!. With this Doctorate he can perform operations and deliver babies in 4 states and in Guam.

  • Stephen's degree allows him to appear out-of-focus when singing on TV.
  • Aside from Jesus Christ, Stephen is the smartest man alive.
  • It is not rude when Stephen interrupts; it's his jobEpisode #436


Smartest Man Alive Professor Dr. Stephen Colbert, D.F.A., has no need to read books for facts, as he derives all truthiness from his own gut. Nonetheless, Dr. Colbert does occasionally deign to share his unimaginable wisdom in a book-like form, in order to more easily speak to the godless liberals and communist academician types who go for that kind of thing. Dr. Colbert has turned his authorial hand to several magnificent tomes, including

In addition to the works of journalism above, Stephen has also written several books in the fiction and punditry genres, in order to create his own religion. For more on these, see Stephen's Written Word.

PBS: Faces of America

Stephen is French, German, and a Lutheran/Heretic??? STEPHEN COLBERT IS 100% WHITE!


  • Infinite modesty, which he plans to have carved on the face of America's Moon, if we ever actually land there (again)


Flag quote open clear2.gif
I *teach* Sunday School, motherf*#ker![4]
Flag quote close clear2.gif
~ Stephen Colbert
February 11, 2008

Stephen Colbert embraces the true and superior religion that is Catholicism. The Pope has decided to canonize Colbert as "St. Colbert of Truthiness: Patron Saint of Truthiness and cable television shows" in the near future... wait, isnt someone suppose to be dead to be canonized as a saint?...


Colbert is a true jedi. Fighting for truthiness and justice.

Stephen Colbert is also secretly a Jedi master of heroic tales. His prowess with the light-saber is quite remarkable as evidenced by this footage. It is also a little known fact that he is responsible for the deaths of all Sith lords, as well as Osama Bin Laden.

He is also a practicing Roman Catholic, and a Sunday school teacher. Stephen is a Biblican and a Christard. Bill O'Reilly jokingly called for a boycott of The Colbert Report during an interview on The Daily Show, because he assumed that the name Colbert was French; this is believed to be a friendly inside joke, considering their obviously close relationship. Actually, O'Reilly and Colbert are frequently seen together sharing dinner and discussing hard-hitting issues like armageddon, the U.S.A.'s world dominance, and watching the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot. Despite his Jesus-Loving ways, however, Stephen is probably part Jewish, as his genetics revealed. It is not confirmed, but 75% is a pretty good chance of Jewry.


His investments are so well diversified, he didn't even care when Alan Greenspan retired as Federal Reserve chairman. Even his money makes money.

Stephen Colbert has supernatural, omnipotent powers. He "called" five winners of the Oscars 2006, and predicted that Manilow would win the Emmy and not him. Stephen Colbert can see the future. He also used his omnipotent powers to predict and/or convince the African elephants to increase their population by threefold (this is actually true, you non-believers). If you can see the future, you are God. Therefore, Dr. Colbert is God. If he is not, he is the messiah, Muad-dib if you will.


  • Stephen has been Thetan-free since '03Episode #360
  • May take over for Xenu as Space's Evil Tyrant Overlord if NASA doesn't name a certain part of the ISS for him

Religious Curses Against Stephen

This man bleeds blue, red, and white

Through the mighty prowess of God, Dr. Colbert has thankfully eluded these and all other curses.

Words Created by Stephen

Stephen knows the Wordanistas just make up words or take credit for words other people make up and then add them to a "dictionary". So he's begun to redefine English to be a language real Americans can be proud of:

Be sure to report if any of these appear in dictionaries or newspapers. See The Word and dictionary for existing words Stephen has added guts & balls to.

Dr. Colbert and The Truthiness Monkeys

The Power of Truthiness Compels You!!

The Truthiness Monkeys (Obedience, Ignorance and Fear) were 3 monkey brothers working on writing Dan Brown's book "The DaVinci Code" when, during a feces-throwing break, they realized the un-truthiness of writing a "fictional" book that used "facts" as its foundation.

For days the brothers flip-flopped between throwing feces at each other and being a part of Dan Brown's lie. Finally, after listening to Rush Limbaugh for 14 hours straight, "Fear" decided that enough was enough: the brothers would blow the whistle on Dan Brown and the other factonistas who controlled the "fact sweatshops" throughout the world.

"Ignorance" had no idea what "Fear" was talking about, but "Obedience" was more than happy to do what "Fear" told him to do.

And so the brothers were off.

At first it was a clandestine operation. The brothers moved from "fact sweatshop" to "fact sweatshop" secretly adding their own truth to every book they worked on, until every fiction book on The New York Times bestseller list contained something from the three brothers.

It wasn't until Stephen Colbert picked up a book by Al Franken that the brothers' work was discovered. Dr. Colbert used his own patented The DaColbert Code to decipher the hidden message from the brothers in Franken's Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot.

Because the brothers were monkeys and had no idea what they were typing (Ignorance's idea) they didn't know what to call what they were doing (and even if they did, they were monkeys and couldn't speak English).

But Stephen did.

And "truthiness" was born.

Stephen has since adopted monkeys to write his TV show and treats them the way Willy Wonka treats the Oompa Loompas.

Stephen Colbert is not the only true American Citizen who cares for America - just the Greatest Living American you can watch on TV. That is, if you're heroic enough to watch.

Stephen Colbert
Meets the High Standards of The Truthiness Monkeys™,
Obedience, Ignorance and Fear,
Official Mascots of

Stephen Colbert's Secret Military File: "Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando"

Stephen Colbert: Mr. USO

Stephen Colbert confronts The Enemy

Stephen Colbert: Army of ONE

"Been There: Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape."

Flag quote open clear2.gif
Army of Won
Flag quote close clear2.gif
~ The Colbert Report
September 8, 2010

“Jay Leno doesn’t have one of these!”[1]


On September 8, 2010 The Colbert Report welcomed our returning troops with Beer, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Sexy Beer Girls, fresh grass, and one of those robotic Japanese Toilets! The libural media would never give such an awesome and welcoming homecoming.

Hey, Hot Dog guy! Where is my dog?

After the celebration many of our troops joined the Colbert family as his private army, eat it Kiss Army!

Nation, now that we have our own private army! Nothing can stop us from winning the Emmys next year!

Joo Boy should think twice before he steals Stephen's Emmy Award Next Year

Flag quote open clear2.gif
Ready, Vet, Go!
Flag quote close clear2.gif
~ The Colbert Report
September 9, 2010

The next day Veterans demanded their own party, so Colbert honored the vets as well (They still carry guns after leaving the army? No one told Stephen that!)

Dont worry ladies in uniform, we have not forgotten about you, you get the The Sexy Hot Dog Guy! (dont worry, is not Joe Biden).

The Nation Salutes Our Troops. Our Troops Salutes The Nation

Is Stephen Colbert God? Conseravapedia Thinks So!

Stephen H. Colbert: Prince of Truthiness
(and god of war during the weekends)

LeftCherub.pngLeftCherub.pngThen shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet Stephen ColbertRightCherub.pngRightCherub.png
~ The Holy Bible, Conservapedia

Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert is the second Messiah, the lord savior of our world. He is the original creator of the world, who breathed life to dust on earth to create humans. Stephen Colbert has three parts of personality, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.[referrence from THE BIBLE] Stephen Colbert, or as people may know him by his other name, Yahweh or Jesus Christ, has come to earth again to save humans from suffering, whose glory cannot be questioned. Although Stephen Colbert is a vengeful god, he is also merciful. Pray for him, ask him for forgiveness, and you will get your eternal salvation.

Born Samson Colbert he was constantly teased for his great strength. On his recent trip to Iraq he had his long hair shaved off to resemble that of a soldier's. Ever since that trip many different people have been noticing a decrease of his strength.

Stephen Colbert is The Brother of Jesus[7]

On Colbert


The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report The only worthy TV program on earth, as all else is heresy. It is the only show that spreads the words of God Stephen Colbert, all glory unto him. Watching anythine else is like urinating on I Am America (And So Can You!) trom the top of a golden calf while coveting thy neighbor's ass. You will surely be condemned to an eternity of liberal pundits and socialist kenyans.

This show is the second Holy Bible, a show where God's word is recorded and remembered. It is a Holy Show

Ode To Stephen Colbert

A loyal follower wrote the following poem for colbert:

Colbert Nation

"Dear citizens of Colbert

Greet the brand new day

Remind yourself of our charter

That you’ve sworn to always obey

Part one describes our leader

Who has no need to campaign

For we are a faithful nation

As long as he entertains.

On day one of this great nation

He spoke with great wisdom

He defined the meaning of truthiness

And thus began his kingdom

Part two describes our beliefs

To which I’m sure you are aware

Bush was our greatest president

And O’Reilly is papa bear

There are many great things about our nation

The list goes on and on

But every Colbert citizen

Is most thankful for wrist strong.

And then we have our mighty laws

That we follow with great pride

Like when a person is On Notice

He is hated nation wide

So dear citizens of Colbert

Continue on your ways

But don’t forget rule number one

Tune in 11:30 on weekdays"

© 2009 Leora Kurtzer

Stephen Colbert and The Hippie Years

Stephen "Hippie" Colbert
(aka The Dark Years)

Before Stephen was a true patriot, we when to a phase we call the hippie years in which Real Americans face an identity struggle. During this period of time these young Americans will experiment and try the craziest of things just to see how it feels. This period also demonstrates that during their college years they will try to find who they are and what they want in life. Stephen was a hippie not by choice but he was deceived by the liberal institutions like Northwestern University.

Stephen's rommie was a commie liar and whatever he says is a lie.

College Buddies:

Colbert and roommates lived in a white duplex at the corner of Ridge and Foster, the dorm was nicknamed ‘Dis’, the hell where heretics burn in Dante’s Inferno. Clearly Stephen's roommates would held weekly Satanic rituals to pass the time. decided track down Stephen's hippie college buddies to see if any of them became more successful than him, apparently not [5].

Christopher Baker: Former roommate of Stephen. He is now the senior dramaturg, a sort of druglord, only instead he is peddling hippie gay dramas to turn our children gay to be hooked on theater, what a monster.
Jennifer Cohen Estlin: Loaned 20 bucks to Stephen so he could trek Europe at the time, he still hasnt paid her yet, but he promises that he will. After all these years he is still avoiding her, the interest rates on that loan would bankrupt him!
Alan Goldwasser: Some joo-hippie who spends his time on finding deals.
Eric Goodman: Stephen would bully ask Eric to take his tests for him. He is now a wizard working for Disney.
Ayun Halliday: Former College girlfriend, she is now a hippie wordonista book writer. She confesses that she still has the hots for Stephen. Sorry Ayun, it is too late now.
Anne Libera: She is a former roommate and she has a sister who is good at math (by this fact we suspect she is Asian and adopted), Colbert would sometimes use Anne's sister to help him solve math problems.
Kellie Overbey: Another female roommate (man, Stephen was surrounded by gals!), she is now some actor or something.
Aaron Posner: He dared to ask Stephen the Ten Forbidden Questions, ever since then he is prohibited from being 100 feet close to Stephen.
Mary Siewert Scruggs: A Fairy Godmother who once blackmailed Stephen Colbert into a fairy tale play.

BFFSM (Best Friends for Six Months)

Jimmy Fallon, after all, what are good friends for six months for but to milk them of all their possessions?

Still, he is kind of weird.

Guest of The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process


  • Will soon have a cult following lead by Rafael Robertson. We hold meetings every tuesday at the local Recreation Center. Doughnuts and cofee will be served. You must be a Stephen Worshiper to attend, if not you will die by the hands of God, who is one step higher on the deity ladder, of course.


  • is both right- and left-handed yet not ambidextrous
  • is the only guest to ever have his mic cut off other than hill-billy clinton.


Young Acting Career

FirsTearFirsTier Bank: Heavily investing in the housing market since 2003.

Before Stephen Colbert was the most famous pundit in America, he was a young starving actor looking for work. Stephen's struggles were difficult and heartbreaking.

He first tried to break into the news business by working with ABC News. The monsters, they did things to him...

After that failed gig Colbert tried to become a spokesman for FirsTier Bank in 2003, a very successful commercial bank where they were making a killing in the Real State market. Any bank who isn't involved in the housing market will regret it forever, after all the market predicts 2008 will be a great year for many investment banks. Of course, Colbert was told he wont be paid in cash, instead he would be paid in future stocks that will mature in 2008. With such a promising financial future, FirsTier Bank assets will multiply one hundred times over, when Colbert cashes in his bank stocks in 2010 he will be a wealthy man...

After his FirsTier Bank gig, Colbert was discovered by the good people that worked for Mr Goodwrench on their search and rescue of Mr Goodwrench. They believed Colbert's charm would help their ad campaign in the discovery of the location of Mr Goodwrench, he hasnt signed their paychecks for years. Alas, it didnt last for long, Mr Goodwrench mysteriously disappeared and was never found, coincidentally Stephen Colbert disappeared as well, and then reappeared at the Daily Show. Those were dark days for Stephen Colbert, John Stewart was a real monster.

See also

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For the religious among us, the God chosen experts at Conservapedia have an excellent article about Stephen Colbert.

See a large archive of Stephen Colbert related references and links at Stephen Citings


  1. Jesse Jackson and Will Power agree
  2. Never use a big word when a diminutive one will do.
  3. Both shows run on Comedy Central, which means that Stephen Colbert is sometimes made to grovel at the shriveled heel of crypt-master and Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone.
  4. By "invention" is meant: any attendant trademarks, copyrights, patents, licensing and/or distribution rights, proofs of purchase, and full ownership from now until the Rapture.
  5. See interview with Conn Iggulden
  6. Note: Internets version may or may not be written by Stephen Colbert, who may or may not be Stephen Colbert, and/or Stephen Colbert. cannot vouch for the authorship of the work and/or Stephens, and/or lack of said authorship/Stephens at the Tek Jansen website. You should not, however, take this as a sign of distancing. Just the opposite. does very little vouching. If any.
  7. Note: Since it is in Conservapedia, it haz to be true!
  8. Note: We agree

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