Stephen Colbert's Escape From Skateboard Mountain
is available for purchase
from and for the benefit of Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.

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The #1 SNES video game of all time.

Box DescriptionEdit

The time has come where YOU, the lowly bum on the couch, can play as your favorite skating pundit in over 327 levels of almost-playable skateboarding actionry! Play as Dr. Stephen Tyrone 'C-Train' Colbert as he shreds some serious stuff on his trusty skateboard Charlene! Visit such exotic locations as Inner CIA Headquarters, Bush's Bedroom, and Inside The Nose of Mount Rushmore's George Washington!

Rated A+ for Awesomeness, Mild Skateboard Language, and VERY Illegal Pony Fights!

Sales FiguresEdit

America - 172,483,302,666,356,200,876 units

Canada - 200 Units (Everybody There)

Europe - 32,536,192 units (not available in France)

Japan - 43,758,040 units (sold as 'Stephen Colbert's Wheel-Board Happy Fun Time Adventure!')

China - 1 unit (bootlegged like a mofo.)

Cheat CodesEdit

  • Play as Charlene with Stephen as the skateboard:
  • Eat the pasta on the table:
Pick up the fork, dumba$$!
  • Enable invincibility:
Choose Stephen character
  • Unlock hidden, playable Captain America:
Find the Vibranium Shield in the North Korean Meltdown level
  • Enable secret 'Pick Nose' trick:
Earn over 5,000 points in the Shakedown in the U.S.S.R. level
  • Play as Bob Dole:
Find Bob Dole crouched under the 42nd desk to the left in the Senate Smackdown level
  • Use Moon Physics:
Play it on The Moon, stupid.
  • Unlock Auto-Dry Underpants costume option:
Fall off your board at least fifteen times in the George Bush Cuts His Lawn level, then put Stephen's underpants on over his pants.

Other games in the 'Stephen Colbert's' seriesEdit

Stephen Colbert's World of Colbertcraft

Stephen Colbert's Return to Skateboard Mountain in development for next-gen platforms