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Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration
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Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball

A picture of the movie poster to "Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration"

The popular news pundit Stephen Colbert broke new ground in 1995 when he released his smash hit groudbreaking documentary collaboration with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, "Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration". The documentary explored the many ways jazz and hiphop have influenced basketball. The documentary was released to rave reviews Roger Ebert was quoted as saying: "This is the most moving documentary I have ever witnessed. It has changed my life forever".

Comparisons to Michael Moore and Al GoreEdit

Colbert isn't a liberal scare monger who releases fiction and calls it a documentary. Hiphopketball is an "(h)onest documentary, an American original".

Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration on the Colbert ReportEdit

Stephen on Sax

A screen capture from "Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration" in which Stephen shows off his awesome saxophone skills


Stephen and Kareem, dominating on the playground.

On January 9th 2006, Stephen showed a clip of Hiphopketball on the Colbert Report in which Stephen unleashed some mad beats:

"I'm wide open so pass the ball my way / And I'll dribble that shit right up the parquet / Nothing but net as I show you how I flow / Swish motherfucker now listen to me blow"

This clip introduced Hiphopketball to a new generation and subsequently boosted DVD sales substantially.

On April 17, 2007, Stephen showed a second clip featuring himself alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on stand-up bass to protest the Pulitzer Prize Committee's snubbing of their collaborative masterwork. Sample lyrics from this clip:

KAREEM: "BeBop."
STEPHEN: "And hip-hop."
KAREEM: "Some lay-ups."
STEPHEN: "A dunk."
KAREEM: "And now we will jam, like Thelonious Monk."

Feud with Kareem Abdul-JabbarEdit

There was concern that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was making a second documentary that simply stole Colbert's idea. Stephen expressed his concern for this on the January 9th, 2006 Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger (which is why the first clip above was shown). It would later be proven that Abdul-Jabbar was not simply stealing Stephen's idea after he saw Kareem's movie "On the Shoulders of Giants". The two would later reconcile and appear together in Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball 2: The Rejazzebration Remix '06.

Stephen Colbert's Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration
is just one of the many gifts the Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.
has bestowed upon all of humankind. Thank you Dr. Colbert, thank you.

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