Stephen Colbert's meTunes
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.

This segment is where Stephen reviews the latest CDs.

November 20, 2008 Holiday Jam Drizzop meTune ReviewsEdit

  • Dr. Colbert reviews new albums for the holiday season
  • guidance about which ones to buy
    • Stephen will spread his Deejay-Naise, with the new segment:
  • Stephen Colbert's meTunes

John LegendEdit

album Evolver

  • not an hour-long pro-Darwin lecture, so sexy that no one could resist it's argument
  • contains songs featuring
    • Andre 3000
    • Kanye West
    • Brandy
    • Estelle (may have played "Sofia" on The Golden Girls)
  • single: Green Light
    • embraces product placement
      • not beauty shots of Snow Queen Vodak
      • the chorus, "ready to go right now," is also the new slogan for "Flomax"
  • Highest Rating 5 "Mes"

Tony KeithEdit

album That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy

  • single God Love Her
    • about a Preacher's daughter who runs off with a rebellious young man, only later to teach him about God
      • she is simply doing Missionary work, but not always in that position
  • in liner notes Keith thanks Jesus and Ford trucks
    • they're both tough, but only one of them can carry loose gravel in a reinforced steel bed
      • Jesus doesn't have the torque
  • Highest Rating 5 "Mes"

Guns N' RosesEdit

album Chinese Democracy

  • set to be released the same day as Stephen Colbert's Christmas Special
    • Axl Rose is trying to steal Stephen's thunder
      • he has been warned not to OD on that day
  • 50th backing track on the title song could use more reverb delaying it for another week more than 14 years it's already been put off
    • Brian Wilson might be able to help polish it for a few decades
  • Rating No "mes" for:
    • stomping on Stephen's special
    • and ignoring Dr. Colbert's suggestion to call the album "Chinese Dentistry"

Original Stephen Colbert SongEdit

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