Strangers with Candy


Strangers with Candy Season 1 DVD cover

Strangers with Candy is the best sitcom EVER to air on Comedy Central. The show featured Amy Sedaris as Jerri Blank, a 46-year-old high school drop-out who spent 32 years of her life as a "boozer, user, and loser". Stephen Colbert himself acted in the show as a closeted, gay teacher. That's right, Stephen Colbert "pretended" to be gay. But not as gay as Donald Trump.

Upon being released from jail, she takes advice to continue where she left off, literally, and goes back to high school for the second time around, becoming a 46 year-old freshman. The show also stars Stephen colbert as Chuck Noblet; a short-tempered, homosexual, married, History and Social studies teacher, and Paul Dinello as Geoffrey Jellineck; the effeminate, self-absorbed, and emotional art teacher at Flatpoint High who harbors a "secret friendship" with fellow staff member Noblet. Greg Hollimon finishes up the immaculate cast as Principal Onyx Blackman, the sexually active and conceited high school principal.

The series has been described by professional reviewers as "very canceled".

Strangers with Candy Feature FilmEdit


Strangers with Candy Movie Poster

In Summer 2006, a feature film of the same name was released. The publicity for the show included a guest appearance by Sedaris on The Colbert Report. Colbert was apparently impressed by the film, suggesting that people buy multiple tickets, and suggested that seniors should pay 'full price' for admission.

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