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Generally a Study Group is a group that studies.

Objective of a Study GroupEdit

Usually? Slacking off. Most commonly slacking off in a group.

In the very rare case, study groups are formed for studying. Possibly for studying in a group, although studying in a group is impossible for the average American.

Who Forms Study GroupsEdit

Why Form A Study GroupEdit

When To Form A Study GroupEdit

Who Joins A Study GroupEdit

Wikiality study group

The Wikiality Study Group Research Study Group, at work studying Wikiality Research.

People don't normally join study groups voluntarily. Most people are assigned to study groups - study groups are like prisons - no one wants to be in them, and everyone who isn't in one stays the hell away from them.

There are, however some exceptions - people that voluntarily join study groups:

Study Groups Throughout HistoryEdit

Iraq study group

A photograph of Iraq Study Group members (l to r) Edwin Meese; James A. Baker, III; Vernon Jordan; Lee H. Hamilton; and Sandra Day O'Connor. From the personal collection of Dr. Kevin Federline, PhD.

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